Vacuum pump unit

How is the vacuum pump unit connected

Bought a new vacuum pump unit only lead to cable before use, installation also need another cable, himself, however, it is important to note that when I answer the cable correctly, or has a great influence on the use of vacuum pump unit, so, in order to better serve you, we to explain for everybody vacuum pump unit connection mode:

Vacuum pump unit in the wiring, must pay attention to must be bound with polyester insulation tape must press the first half of the ring, wrap up 8-12 layers, after wrapping, then use plastic tape to wrap two layers for strength; In connection with the vacuum pump unit, the cable copper core should be stripped about 30-35mm long, clean the copper wire with emery cloth, it is appropriate to shine, the same external three-core cable copper wire stripped 30-35mm, clean with emery cloth.

For the connection of vacuum pump unit, the three-core cable and the copper wire peeled from the external cable will be inserted together, and then a thin copper wire will be used to tie them up as shown in the drawing. The remaining part will be cut off and pressed flat with scissors to prevent sticking hands. When wiring in this regard, the three ends of the vacuum pump should be soldered with solder, the surface of the welding head should be smooth, no burr and false welding phenomenon, if not soldered or not smooth, should be re-welded to the vacuum pump, until the requirements.

The connection of the vacuum pump unit must be wrapped together with plastic tape and wrapped up two layers. The first layer shall exceed the end of each wire insulation layer by more than 50mm, and the second layer shall exceed the end of the first layer by 50mm. After dressing, take a basin of cold water and soak the wrapped thread head in water safely. After 12 hours, measure the insulation with 500V megohm meter and do not lower than 50 megohm. Otherwise, re-wrap it until the requirements are met.

The grounding wire of the vacuum pump unit shall also be bound up according to the wiring technology requirements of the submersible cable. After the connection of the vacuum pump unit is completed, the insulation resistance should be continuously shaken and measured to observe its changes during downhole to prevent the cable insulation skin from being hung on the shaft wall. If the insulation level drops rapidly below 0.5 megohm, the unit must be brought up to detect the cause.

Vacuum pump unit

Vacuum pump unit

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