Membrane separation vacuum pump unit selection for medical and petrochemical industries

Membrane separation vacuum unit application

With economic development, social progress and the improvement of people’s living standards, the contradictions of energy shortage, resource shortage, and environmental pollution have become more and more prominent. Membrane separation technology is an important new technology to solve these major problems facing mankind.

Membrane separation is used in pharmaceutical and chemical, fine chemical, fuel ethanol and other industries. Membrane treatment processes are required for production extraction, refining, separation, and water treatment.

Vacuum pump for membrane separation process of selection:

Liquid ring vacuum pump set, dry screw vacuum pump set.

The main features of liquid ring vacuum pumps are as follows:

liquid ring vacuum pumps

-Siemens technology 100% oil-free design, which is good for environmental protection.

-Smooth operation, noise can be as low as 62 decibels.

-The machine-pump coaxial direct connection design is easy to install.

-The unique design makes the equipment zero maintenance.

-Optional materials: the whole pump is stainless steel, and the stainless steel pump is suitable for occasions with more stringent anti-corrosion and sanitary requirements.

-Equipped with explosion-proof motor

The main features of dry screw vacuum pumps are as follows:

dry screw vacuum pumps

-There is no friction between the rotor and the pump cavity, and there is no need for lubricating oil, so there is no oil in the pump cavity, which avoids oil pollution to the vacuum system.

-The rotor and the overflow part can be treated with anti-corrosion coating according to the process to increase the service life of the pump.

-It has good dynamic balance, smooth movement, low vibration and low noise.

-Low power, low operation and maintenance costs.

-Precise synchronous helical gears ensure quiet and reliable operation, and the drive end installation reduces the torque load.

-Proven solid design and structure, suitable for reliable operation under high temperature and high pressure.

-The rotor and the shaft are integrally cast, and the large-sized shaft reduces the risk of damage to the impeller.

-Special rotor manufacturing can achieve dynamic balance to minimize vibration and noise.

-Unique rotor design and high volumetric efficiency.

EVP company can provide a complete set of vacuum solutions from the early stage selection, technical docking, manufacturing, after-sales service, etc., to provide you with professional vacuum solutions.

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