Factors Influencing liquid ring vacuum pump price

How much is a liquid ring vacuum pump? With the continuous development of industrialization, the vacuum pump has gradually entered our life. Do you know how much is a liquid ring vacuum pump? The price of a liquid ring vacuum pump ranges from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan. The type of liquid-ring vacuum pump or the working efficiency of liquid-ring vacuum pump affect the price factor. Choosing liquid-ring vacuum pump can not only depend on the price, but also consider the configuration, performance characteristics, working efficiency, after-sales service and warranty time of the machine.

If the price of the liquid ring vacuum pump is too cheap, the performance of our machine can not be guaranteed. The quality of the machine with very low price will not be very high. Maybe there was no problem in using it at that time, but after a period of time, we will surely find that the performance of the machine itself can not be guaranteed, for unnecessary maintenance costs. We also need to ensure the quality of our machines. We can’t buy cheap machines for the sake of cheapness alone.


Selection Basis and Conditions of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

(1) Vacuum requirement of the system According to the requirement of the system for vacuum degree, the pump of the corresponding limit vacuum is selected. Generally, the limit vacuum of the pump is 0.5-1 order of magnitude higher than that of the system.

(2) The pressure range of the normal operation of the system_requires that the pressure range of the normal operation of the pump should meet the working pressure required by the system.

(3) The type, composition, impurities of the pumped gas and the limitation of the pollution in the system operation the nature of the pumped gas and the requirement of the pollution are important conditions for choosing vacuum pumps with different characteristics.

It is not only related to the performance of pumps at work, but also directly related to the working life and maintenance of pumps. Especially in chemical production, it is often a key factor in the correct selection of pumps.

(4) The amount of air pumped or volume flow of the system is the main basis for the selection of a certain type of vacuum pump.

Many users know that the price of the liquid ring vacuum pump varies in different regions and different periods of time. So, what factors affect its price?

1. Regionality: At present, most domestic products are facing the dilemma of having no technology or spare parts. Because of the regional problems of raw materials, the prices of liquid ring vacuum pumps are uneven.

2. Technology: It is well known that the products manufactured by high-tech mature and high-standard processing and production equipment have better stability, reliability and life than those produced by low-level production, and their prices are relatively high.

3. Fittings quality: liquid ring vacuum pump mainly consists of filter screen, marble, exhaust hood, back end plate, water cover plate, belt pulley, front axle, exhaust hood gasket, low rotor, exhaust valve sheet, front end plate, oil seal chamber, oil screen, window, intake nozzle, high rotating blade, spring, pump shell, key, aeration valve, seal ring, high rotor, etc. Location pin, middle partition, negatives, oil plug and other accessories constitute, the quality of these accessories directly affects its price.

4. Material of pump body: The material of pump body is divided into nodular cast iron and grey cast iron. Nodular cast iron is spheroidized and inoculated to obtain spheroidal graphite, which effectively improves the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially the plasticity and toughness, thus obtaining higher strength than carbon steel. Its comprehensive properties are close to steel, therefore, the price is also high. Relatively high.

The price of liquid ring vacuum pump is influenced by many factors. We have a detailed understanding of these factors when we choose to buy, which will help us to buy high quality and low price products.

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