Vacuum pump for humidifying tobacco

Tobacco humidification

Bales of tobacco are very perishable and, if not properly humidified, will turn into a pile of sludge during further processing. The vacuum pump removes the air from the bales of tobacco and then feeds in water vapor and sometimes aromatics. For more applications, click here.

The following is a brief introduction of vacuum pump for tobacco humidification. For product information, please click to contact us.

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Vacuum pump of understand the performance parameters

In the process of understanding the equipment, the application of each part of the overall production is very wide, and from the grasp of the vacuum pump, we can also notice that each part of the overall performance parameters is very important. You should note that only when the parameters of each part of the pump body can be clearly understood, finally you can find a more ideal answer, so the operation process is also of great significance.

From the performance of vacuum pump, it can be noticed that the limit pressure is often a very important index, which is closely related to the pressure index produced in the actual working process. Therefore, we should better grasp these contents in the operation, and the extraction rate is also very important. We should pay attention to whether we can meet the production requirements at the fastest speed in the use process, and we should better grasp this problem.

Of course, you should also note that there are many kinds of parameters involved in the pump body. You can notice from various parameters that the pumping volume, starting pressure, front stage pressure, compression ratio, Ho’s coefficient and reflux rate are very important. You should better grasp each part, only after you have a clear understanding of each aspect, Only in the end can we find a better answer.

Only in this way can we understand the various parts of the performance parameters of the vacuum pump, and hope that every friend can operate these basic information better. After each part is clearly understood, people can finally find a more appropriate answer. Of course, only when all kinds of parameters are within the normal range can the equipment be purchased, and the contents of this part should be clearly understood.

Vacuum pump for humidifying tobacco

How to prevent the hidden danger of liquid ring vacuum pump

In the daily work of liquid ring vacuum pump, it is very important to choose the product quality problem, because the liquid ring vacuum pump should be shut down in a planned way. And according to the management regulations, when the liquid ring vacuum pump needs to stop the pump, or it will cause damage to the equipment, or it will cause corresponding safety hazards.

1、 When the line in the mine breaks down due to maintenance.
2、 When the superior power department, the company’s internal, line maintenance or failure needs to stop.
3、 When liquid ring vacuum pump is shut down due to failure or regular switching.
4、 When the circulating water pool needs to be replaced.
5、 When the liquid ring vacuum pump needs to stop due to other special circumstances or reasons.
6、 Welding of nearby drainage pipeline and replacement and installation of other accessories.

The potential safety hazards of liquid ring vacuum pump should be prevented in a planned way. The importance of safety development for the masses can be imagined. Therefore, in the ordinary use of liquid ring vacuum pump, our ultimate goal is to greatly reduce safety accidents, reduce personal and property losses.

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