ZJV series roots vacuum pump

ZJV series vertical Roots Vacuum Pump is a positive displacement vacuum pump. Just like horizontal Roots Vacuum Pump, ZJV can not be used alone. As one of the major suction devices currently available for medium and high vacuum pumps, ZJV works in a similar manner to a Roots blower by using two 8-shaped rotors to rotate synchronously inside the pump housing to create a vacuum by suction and exhaust.


◎ With high technology, ZJV can achieve No Leakage. And it can avoid those common problems happen in normal pumps: leakage, unstable work, short service life, high maintenance costs and other issues.

◎ In order to make ZJV suitable for working condition with a large amount of water vapor and organic solvents (such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.), we make improvements to the ZJV: composite seals between the gearbox and the vacuum chamber to achieve oil-free pump chamber , in order to avoid the oil vapor pollution of the vacuum system.

◎ ZJV is very suitable for forming a vacuum unit with pumps like water ring vacuum pump.

◎ Cover a wide range of vacuum, ZJV can have a larger pumping speed in a wide range of pressure (1×10 -2 ~ 1 × 10 2 mbar).

◎ By using frequency start, ZJV reduces the starting impact, causing small vibration with smooth movement, with low noise.

◎ Mechanical friction loss is small, the motor power is small.

◎ Pump running stable performance with long life, and costs less in maintenance.

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