Vacuum pump for electrical industry

Liquid ring vacuum pump system used in electrical industry

Working with engineers and operators in the electrical industry, we are able to go beyond the limits of vacuum system design to create solutions that meet increasingly demanding application requirements.

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Vacuum pump for electrical industry

Development history of vacuum pump:

With the development of vacuum applications, many types of vacuum pumps have been developed, with pumping rates ranging from a few tenths of a liter per second to hundreds of thousands or millions of liters per second. With vacuum technology in the field of production and scientific research to the requirements of the application scope of the pressure is more and more wide, mostly need consists of several common after extraction of vacuum pump vacuum extraction system can meet the requirements of production and scientific research process, because the vacuum application department involved in the work pressure range is very wide, so any one type of vacuum pump could not fully apply to all working pressure range, can only work according to the different pressure range and different work requirements, using different types of vacuum pump. For the convenience of use and the need of various vacuum processes, various vacuum pumps are sometimes combined according to their performance requirements and used as units.

Vacuum pumps commonly used include dry screw vacuum pump, water ring pump, reciprocating pump, slide valve pump, rotary vane pump, roots pump and diffusion pump, etc. These pumps are essential main pumps in the application of vacuum process in various industries of China’s national economy. In recent years, with the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, the vacuum pump related downstream application industry has maintained a rapid growth momentum. At the same time, the vacuum pump application field continues to expand and other factors pull together, China’s vacuum pump industry has achieved a steady and rapid development.

Structural features:

(1) overall structure type of pump
The layout of vacuum pump body determines the overall structure of the pump.
Vertical structure of the intake and exhaust port horizontal setting, assembly and connection pipeline are more convenient. But the center of gravity of the pump is higher, the stability is poor when running at high speed, so this type is used for small pumps.
The air inlet of the horizontal pump is at the top and the air outlet is at the bottom. Sometimes in order to facilitate the installation and connection of vacuum system pipelines, the exhaust port can be connected from the horizontal direction, that is, the direction of intake and exhaust is perpendicular to each other. At this point, the vent can be opened from the left or right two directions, in addition to connect one end of the exhaust pipe, the other end blocked or connect bypass valve. This kind of pump has low center of gravity and good stability when running at high speed. General large, medium – sized pumps use this structure.
The two rotor shafts of the pump are installed vertically with the horizontal plane. This kind of structure assembly clearance is easy to control, the rotor assembly is convenient, the pump occupies a small area. But the center of gravity of the pump and gear disassembly inconvenience, lubrication mechanism is relatively complex.

(2) pump transmission mode
The two rotors of the vacuum pump are realized by a pair of high precision gears. The drive shaft is connected to the motor through a coupling. In the transmission structure layout mainly has the following two kinds: one is the motor and gear on the same side of the rotor figure. The driven rotor is driven directly by the motor end gear, so the torsion deformation of the active rotor shaft is small, and the clearance between the two rotors will not change due to the large torsion deformation of the active shaft, so that the clearance between the rotors is even in the operation process. The biggest disadvantages of this transmission mode are: a. there are three bearings on the drive shaft, which increases the processing and assembly difficulty of the pump, and the gear disassembly and adjustment is also inconvenient; B. The overall structure is not symmetrical. The center of gravity of the pump is inclined to one side of the motor and gear box.

(1) high pumping speed in a wide pressure range;
(2) the rotor has good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is smooth. There is a gap between the rotor and the rotor and the shell, no lubrication, small friction loss, can greatly reduce the driving power, so as to achieve a higher speed;
(3) there is no need for oil sealing and lubrication in the pump chamber, which can reduce the pollution of oil vapor to the vacuum system;
(4) no compression or exhaust valve in the pump chamber. The structure is simple and compact, and it is not sensitive to dust and water vapor in the pumped gas.
(5) low compression, poor hydrogen extraction effect;
(6) the surface of the rotor is a curved cylinder with complex shape, which is difficult to process and inspect.

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