Placing screw vacuum pumps environmental requirements

If the proper working environment is not selected when using the dry screw vacuum pump, the screw vacuum pump will be damaged and the maintenance difficulty will be increased. Therefore, the correct installation site is the first condition for the true use of screw vacuum pumps:

Placing screw vacuum pumps environmental requirements

Dry screw vacuum pump for ten working environment requirements

1, screw vacuum pump installation site should be wide, good lighting, low air relative humidity, less dust, good ventilation, easy to operate and maintain

2. The ambient temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius

3. Ambient pressure: atmospheric pressure

4. Ensure that the screw vacuum pump is placed horizontally

5. Ensure the stability of screw vacuum pump base or mounting bracket

6, to ensure that the screw vacuum pump will not be dropped by the heavy weight impact

7. Reserve maintenance space between the screw vacuum pump and the wall at least, and the head space of the screw vacuum pump above the instrument is more than 1m. Reserve maintenance channels. If used in closed systems, pumping and exhaust equipment shall be provided to facilitate air flow. In general, the amount of air in and out of a single device must be greater than the amount of air in a screw vacuum pump

8, screw vacuum pump should be installed in the non-explosive area. Do not touch flammable materials on the surface of screw vacuum pump

9. Ensure that the screw vacuum pump is installed in a well-ventilated position to ensure that the screw vacuum pump can be completely cold

10, when the screw vacuum pump operation, the surface temperature can reach more than 72 degrees Celsius. Be careful of burns. Make sure screw vacuum pump is not touched.

What causes the screw vacuum pump to have low suction

Screw vacuum pump in the process of application, occasionally found that screw vacuum pump suction decreased, this should be stopped immediately to check, in order to prevent the screw pump caused more damage. The cause of the inventory is more critical, inspection and maintenance to find all the conditions can be more accurate to solve the screw vacuum pump actual failure.

1. It is not caused by facilities

Due to the change of load environment, the centrifugal pump suction speed or thermal efficiency of the screw vacuum pump is insufficient, unable to exceed the vacuum degree required by the production. As there is no problem with the facilities themselves, the screw vacuum pump has a small adsorption force at the moment, it needs to be handled according to the dismantling of different specifications of the screw vacuum pump equipment.

2, centrifugal pump failure or transformation caused by the reduction of vacuum characteristics

The screw vacuum pump suction characteristics due to the failure can be classified as invalid sealing or coating fell off the cause of the gap.

1, screw vacuum pump pipeline leakage

2, screw vacuum pump leakage

3, screw vacuum pump power is not enough

4, screw vacuum pump power supply temperature is high

5, screw vacuum pump pressure relief valve is blocked

6, screw vacuum pump milling surface void damage

Smaller screw vacuum pump suction will not only affect the work efficiency, and will cause damage to the screw vacuum pump itself, so in the use of screw vacuum pump in strict accordance with the rules and regulations at the same time regular maintenance.

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