Scroll type dry vacuum pump

The scroll dry vacuum pump developed by our company applies the scroll concept and principle to achieve the characteristics of no oil, more stable operation, lower noise, and more energy saving, no pollution to the environment, and the pumping speed, life, energy consumption, etc. Better than other dry vacuum pumps.

Scroll type dry vacuum pump


Before using the pump, be sure to read this instruction manual. Pay special attention to the requirements of Article 3 “Wiring Method” and Article 6 “Precautions for Use”. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Scroll vacuum pump is a new type of dry vacuum pump developed in recent years. It is evolved from scroll compressor; it has the following advantages:

1.Small clearance, less leakage, high compression ratio, stable pumping speed in a wide pressure range;

2.The working cavity formed by the moving and static scrolls is symmetrical, and the pump has a simple structure and few parts, so it has low vibration and noise and high reliability;

3.Wide working pressure range, because the change of compression volume is continuous, so the change of driving torque is small, and the change of power is small;

4.Because it works in an oil-free environment, it has no pollution to the pumped container and can extract condensable gas;

5.The main components are made of composite polymer materials, which can remove corrosive gases.


There are two types of power supply for the pump: single-phase and three-phase.

For three-phase power supply, a neutral wire (N) needs to be connected to the plug of the junction box. For other requirements, please refer to the provisions in Article 6 “Precautions for Use” of this manual.


The pump should be inspected and maintained during the specified time, otherwise it will affect the performance and service life of the pump.

Check parts Maintenance schedule Remarks
Every year or every 8000 hours Every two years or every 16000 hours
Framework oil seal
 Tip seal
Rubber pad

※    △ — Exchange new parts

○ — According to actual working condition

※ The maintenance work is completed by the manufacturer, and the user cannot disassemble the pump by himself.


The pump cannot rotate Misoperation of power supply line protection components Check whether the protection element is normal
Loose or disconnected terminal Check and repair the poor contact, replace the faulty line
Voltage drop Check the length and size of the cable
Motor overload or open circuit Return for repair
There is a problem with the pump itself Return for repair
Thermal overload protector action 1. When three-phase power supply, check whether the power supply is missing phase

2. Check whether the wiring of the line is wrong

3. Check whether the protector itself is damaged

4. Check whether the voltage is normal

5. If there is no above problem, it should be returned to the factory for repair

Can not reach the vacuum pressure that required The vacuum pipe is not well sealed Check the sealing of the pipeline (leak detection)
Damaged “O” seal Return to the factory to replace the “o” ring
Water vapor or solution is sucked into the pump 1. Install a filter to prevent water vapor or solution from entering

2. Open the air inlet and let the pump work for a few minutes, block the air inlet and open the gas ballast, and let the pump work for a while (about 24h)

Blocked gas ballast Adjust air pressure balance
Unusual sound or vibration Loose connection Tighten the screws on the connection part
Not horizontal mounting Adjust the installation position of the pump to make the pump as horizontal as possible to run
Foreign matter enters the main body of the pump Return for repair
Abnormal air outlet Return for repair
Abnormal moter operation Return for repair
There is a problem with the pump itself Return for repair


When using a three-phase vacuum pump, ensure that the rotation direction of the pump is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the pump, and it is forbidden to work in reverse;

When using a single-phase vacuum pump, make sure that the L and N wires of the power supply are connected to the L and N terminals of the motor junction box respectively. If they are connected in reverse, it will cause the pump to malfunction;

For safety, the grounding terminal in the motor junction box should be reliably grounded;

When connecting the power supply line, a thermal overload protector (such as a thermal overload relay, etc.) should be installed to prevent damage to the motor due to overload;

The pump should be installed horizontally when it is running, and the tilt angle should not exceed 5°;

When the pump is running, make sure there no foreign objects are enter the air inlet.


Ref. No. Description QTY Remarks
1 Dry scroll vacuum pump 1
2 Operating manual 1 Including warranty card
3 Product certification 1
4 Plastic protective cover 2
5 plug 1


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