Vacuum unit-vacuum pump preventive maintenance

Regarding the vacuum pump, should it be repaired afterwards or preventive repairs? Most people think preventive maintenance is good. Then, with the prediction of after-the-fact maintenance, what is the advantage of preventive maintenance?

Vacuum unit-vacuum pump preventive maintenance

There are maintenance modes for maintenance, one is regular maintenance, which is the power-consuming facility planned according to the vacuum equipment damage cycle; the other is condition maintenance, which is to monitor the status of a facility, find hidden troubles or potential failures, and arrange timely maintenance in time , And troubleshoot in the budding state.

Maintenance is the preventive maintenance performed during the off-season, holidays, weekends and other preventive opportunities in the manufacturing.

1. Ability to reduce and prevent unplanned policies

Now companies usually arrange production based on orders. Customers have very strict standards for delivery dates. Lean management companies, punctuality and zero inventory have become typical characteristics. For a manufacturing plant, this order will affect it, which is good for preventing the development and recovery of the company. The use of preventive maintenance, a large number of unplanned designs, and ensuring on-time delivery are of great significance.

2. It can reduce the chain damage of facilities and prolong the life of facilities

Facility damage often starts from a part or a certain part, and this part or part affects other parts or parts, and is transmitted step by step, causing major problems. Therefore, the qualitative change and damage of a certain part of the vacuum equipment will not only cause the failure of the vacuum equipment system, but also will be transmitted to the facilities of the application link. Therefore, preventive maintenance can reduce or prevent minor damages, or eliminate small hidden dangers in time, and prevent the impact from expanding, resulting in more serious failures and damages.

3. Able to reduce maintenance costs

Of course, improper “preventive maintenance” will not only reduce costs, but also increase costs, which we call maintenance redundancy or over-maintenance. This means that proper preventive maintenance can reduce maintenance costs. Generally speaking, the efficiency of planned work is 3 to 4 times that of unplanned work. In view of its planned nature, preventive maintenance can study repair plans in advance, prepare drawings, tools, spreaders and other auxiliary facilities and materials, and prepare spare parts. On the contrary, if it is repair after the fact, people diagnose the cause in the rush of shutting down suddenly, and then look for tools, spare parts, and materials. The time efficiency will be significantly reduced. Of course, the cost of repair will increase. In addition, the chain damage that may be caused by the repair after the fact is replaced. Parts losses will also increase, increasing maintenance costs.

4. It can reduce the risk of security accidents

Preventive maintenance can eliminate local, minor or initial defects in facilities, which can individually reduce the risk of safety accidents. Some serious failures of vacuum equipment could have been prevented, but in view of the lack of opportunities for preventive maintenance, the risk of failures is getting higher and higher, which leads to relatively large consequences. In the slightest case, the nose of the aircraft is locked and the bearing is bent, and in severe cases, the machine is destroyed or killed.

5. Can prevent and reduce batch quality defects or scrap

Many facilities will cause a large number of quality defects or scraps in the process of failure. The unqualified oil content of vacuum equipment will lead to scrapping of food and electronic products… There are many examples of this. Therefore, preventive maintenance can reduce or prevent the deterioration of batch quality or scrap during the failure to some extent, and reduce the economic loss caused by the failure-scrap.

6. Able to make work more proactive, more planned and predictable

Opportunistic maintenance in preventive maintenance can make the factory’s production plan, work schedule, and resource allocation more reasonable, more planned, and more proactive. Some factories implement night shift inspections, weekend inspections, and month-end inspections, which are opportunistic inspections performed during the gap between the completion of manufacturing tasks.

7. Reduce the risk of environmental damage

Like reducing safety injuries, preventive maintenance can reasonably reduce the risk of environmental damage. Facilities, especially those involving toxic gases and liquids, will cause environmental damage; the noise of facilities will also pollute the environment. The water treatment and air purification facilities within the enterprise are directly related to the impact on the discharge environment.

8. It is conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction

Poor operation of facilities often increases friction and energy consumption. Preventive maintenance can ensure the smooth and stable operation of facilities and facilities, can reasonably reduce energy consumption, and maintain the energy-saving effect of facilities.

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