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First of all, it should be clear that liquid ring vacuum pump does not belong to centrifugal pump. We can make a clear distinction between them from the practical occasions. Although both of them have the use of centrifugal force. But liquid ring vacuum pump is used for vacuumizing gas, which is a kind of positive displacement gas equipment. The centrifugal pump is used for conveying liquid, which belongs to velocity type fluid equipment. One is a vacuum pump, the other is a water pump. Our company specializes in producing liquid ring vacuum pump. Let’s introduce liquid ring vacuum pump as follows:

Liquid ring vacuum pump selection system

The type of liquid ring vacuum pump depends on the air consumption, vacuum degree or pressure relief valve.

During the operation of liquid ring vacuum pump, we must pay attention to the following problems: try to regulate the operation in the high efficiency area, and also in the area of critical vacuum degree or critical relief valve water pressure. It shall be prevented from operating around the water pressure of large vacuum degree or pressure relief valve. In this area, not only the speed is very low, but also the work is very unstable, which is easy to cause vibration and noise. Cavitation will cause damage to pump casing, wind turbine and other parts, so that the pump can not work.

If it is only used for liquid ring vacuum pump, it is better to use single effect pump. Because of the simple structure of single function pump, it is easy to make and protect, and it has strong anti cavitation performance under high positive air condition. If it is only used as a refrigerator with large gas consumption, it is more suitable to use a double effect pump. Due to the large gas consumption, light weight and light weight of the double effect pump, the axial force can be automatically balanced, the shaft is not easy to cause fatigue fracture, and the service life of the pump is long.

Select the liquid ring vacuum pump according to the air consumption required by the system. After the type of pump is basically selected, the pump specification shall be adopted according to the air consumption required by the system.

Vacuum pump application steps

Do you know the operation steps of liquid ring vacuum pump? Let’s learn about it together:

Liquid ring vacuum pump was originally used as self-priming pump, and its heart was gradually used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical industry and so on. In many process steps of production process, liquid ring pump is widely used. Due to the rapid development of vacuum application process, the liquid ring vacuum pump has been paid attention to from the beginning to the end. The reduction of acetylene gas in liquid ring pump is isothermal, so it can pump out inflammable and combustible acetylene gas, as well as lead dust and water bearing acetylene gas. Therefore, the application of liquid ring pump is increasing.

The above is about the use of liquid ring vacuum pump steps, I hope to help you.

Liquid ring vacuum pump expert

Liquid ring vacuum pump expert

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