drying box vacuum pump of purpose and instructions

Drying oven vacuum pump is a main product of vacuum pump, which adopts the traditional and mature oil rotary vane design principle. The most significant advantage of this type of vacuum pump is that the vacuum degree and pumping speed, which affect the actual suction effect of vacuum pump, are relatively high compared with other products with structural principles. This advantage can make the pump in a short time to achieve a higher vacuum degree, the market is suitable for laboratory with vacuum drying oven. Generally speaking, the limit vacuum degree that most vacuum drying ovens can reach is 133pa, and the higher vacuum degree that can reach 13pa completely exceeds the limit vacuum degree that most vacuum drying ovens can reach. At the same time, the pumping rate of 70L / min makes it reach the reference vacuum degree in a short time when it is equipped with some boxes with larger internal volume, so it is an ideal companion for vacuum drying oven.

drying box vacuum pump of purpose and instructions

The specific use and method of drying oven vacuum pump are as follows:

1. Connect the pipeline and check the interfaces and valves.

2. Pour the vacuum pump oil into the pump. When dumping the pump oil, check the oil level observation window on one side of the oil pump. The pump oil level should be between the min and Max lines. It is recommended that the oil level should be kept more than half. After pouring the pump oil, the cover should be screwed on (i.e. the oil filling cap should not be too tight or too loose).

3. Start the machine and the vacuum pump of drying oven starts to work. (during the operation of the oil pump, there will be oil mist splashing from the oil pouring port, which is a normal phenomenon when the oil pump is working. If necessary, oil mist filter can be selected or refer to the first item of “frequently asked questions and suggestions” in this instruction. )

4. After the work is finished, the vacuum state of the front-end container must be removed (open the cover of the cleaning interface to exhaust gas), and then turn off the machine.

5. Replacement method of vacuum pump oil: there is a drain hole at the bottom of the oil chamber. After the waste liquid cylinder is placed below, loosen the bottom nut, and then loosen the oil filler cap on the top. If necessary, tilt the pump body. After dumping the waste oil, screw the drain hole cover, slowly add pump oil through the oil injection hole to a reasonable level, and screw the cover.
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