High Purity Oil Free Gas Compressor

High purity oil-free gas compressor is a special structure of positive displacement compressor, which has the characteristics of high compression ratio, good sealing, and the compressed gas is not polluted by lubricating oil and other solid impurities. Therefore, it is suitable for high purity compression, rare, valuable, flammable and explosive products, toxic, harmful, corrosive and high-pressure gas

High purity oil-free gas compressor advantages:

1. Due to the air tightness between the air chamber and the oil chamber, there is no oil compression.

2. Due to the static seal in the air flow, there is no wear and compression

3. In case of diaphragm failure, it will close automatically to prevent damage

4. High compression ratio – exhaust pressure up to 1000bar.

5. Pollution free compression

6. Corrosion resistance

7. High reliability


As a special positive displacement compressor, high purity oil-free gas compressor has the characteristics of high compression ratio, good sealing performance, compressed air will not be polluted by lubricants or other solid impurities, so it is suitable for compression of high purity, rare and precious diaphragm compressor. , flammable and explosive, toxic and dangerous, corrosive and high-pressure gas.

The discharge pressure range of high purity oil-free gas compressor is 1.3 to 100 MPa. The product is widely used in national defense, scientific research, petrochemical, nuclear power, pharmaceutical, food and gas separation industries.

High purity oil-free gas compressor is widely used in petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical chemical industry, energy chemical industry, mechanical industry, electronic industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and national defense industry.

It is mainly used in evaporation, sputtering and ion implantation vacuum system of semiconductor front-end process equipment, and also widely used in astronomy, aerospace, medical and other fields.

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