vacuum pump parts repair knowledge

According to the different damage and wear degree of the vacuum pump parts, the cavity, rotor, rotary blade, end cover plate and other parts of the mechanical vacuum pump can be scraped, grinded and repaired. If the machining capacity is allowed, it is better to replace the rotary vane, because it is more convenient to replace it than to grind the end face of pump cavity. The repair of vacuum pump is an important process to improve the pump performance of vacuum pump equipment, and the cooperation and installation between parts is particularly critical.

If there is some wear on the end face of the vane itself, two blades of the same level (referring to the high and low vacuum level of the two-stage pump) should be ground together to the same scale. In order to ensure the straightness of the circular generatrix and the end face of the rotary vane, the pump type, pump size, manufacturer’s common practice and the experience of teachers and masters should be selected. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the data used should be considered when selecting. The grinding of the end face is usually carried out according to the first-class accuracy request.

Vacuum pump rotary vane

The parts that can not be repaired should be manufactured from scratch. The processing method and accuracy request, as well as the data and various processing requests have been mentioned in the analysis of the characteristics of the rotary vane pump in Chapter 3. For example, it can be implemented by reference. However, it is difficult to repair the damaged parts such as severe scratches and deformation of pump cavity. When pressed into the middle wall pump cavity, due to the large interference, the cavity deformation is formed. When repairing, you can only do your best, repair to what extent you can, but not only the whole pump is scrapped.

When there are slight abrasion or scratch on the round surface in the cavity of vacuum pump, the outer circle of rotor and the arc surface of rotating blade, proper grinding and alignment should be made. If there are small scratches on the round surface of the pump cavity, the scraper can be used to deburring. If the scratch is deep, lathe should be used. Small five piece pump can be scraped with a craft scraper when there is no lathe. If the scratch on the outer surface of the rotor is light, it can be ground smooth. If the scratch depth exceeds 20 wires and the area is 1 mm, the rotor shall be replaced. Even if there is this kind of processing ability, it is not worth it economically. Therefore, the best is still to cooperate with the operator to prevent the operation, do not make the vacuum pump serious “sick” operation results. In the real can not buy a new pump, production and urgent need, repair pump body is still possible.

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