Vacuum Pumps For Paper Dewatering

Vacuum pump is essential for papermaking. They contribute to paper formation and dehydration, press performance, blanket conditioning and general machine efficiency.

Vacuum pumps on paper and cardboard machines dehydrate raw materials, dehydrate and clean blankets when they are formed, thus removing moisture from the paper and helping to transfer the paper between various parts of the machine.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is used in the dewatering machine of paper making. The pulp is removed by this process and the liquid level is extracted by means of equipment during pressing. The technology is also effectively used in the production of moulded pulp components, and then considered for the manufacture of cartons and packaging materials.

Vacuum technology has been applied to transfer paper from forming department to pressing department. The program works in the use of mechanical methods to remove moisture from paper. When in stock or bulk, the material contains a mixture of water, chemicals and other pollutants; it must be removed before it is transported for pressing. The liquid ring vacuum pump is designed to operate under the required conditions, and provides an economical, efficient and reliable solution for this field.


In many industrial activities, vacuum machinery has become a resource-rich method. It is cost-effective, uses less complex methods, and maintains flexibility for operators. For papermaking and pulp industry, it helps to absorb moisture in a relatively short period of time.

Vacuum pumps are widely used in paper industry. It is mainly used in dehydration process, but metal pumps are easily corroded. If corrosive, liquid ring vacuum pump can be used. Vacuum pumping capacity of liquid ring vacuum pump is a common method for vacuum dewatering of pulp and papermaking.

The liquid ring vacuum pump can reduce the cost of papermaking and improve the quality of paper. It is widely used in the vacuum system of papermaking industry and the dewatering field of papermaking machine. Application of vacuum pump in paper industry: black liquor evaporation, crude pulping washing machine, lime pulp and filter, precipitation filter, vacuum dehydrator, raw material and white water degassing system, mixing box compressor, suction box, horizontal roll, suction roll and transfer roll, vacuum pressing.

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