Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps

Oil seal mechanical vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical vacuum pump which uses oil to keep the seal. It can be divided into fixed plate type, rotary plate type, slide valve type, cycloid type, etc.

Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps

Oil sealed vacuum pump working principle

The mechanical vacuum pump that uses oil to keep the seal of moving parts and realizes air extraction by the change of pump cavity volume is called oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump. Their working principle is to make the volume of the pump chamber chamber mechanically increase and decrease to pump air. When the volume of the working chamber in the pump chamber becomes the minimum, it is connected with the inlet pipe of the pump, so the gas enters the pump suction chamber until the suction chamber has the maximum volume and is separated from the air inlet again. When the volume is reduced, the gas is compressed until the pressure of the gas is greater than one atmosphere, and the exhaust valve is opened to discharge the gas.

Oil as sealing pump fluid necessity of using

At present, a large number of mechanical vacuum pumps are used, even if they are designed to be the best, and the matching accuracy between moving parts is very high. When the pump reaches the limit vacuum, it is difficult to prevent the gas from “breaking through” from the low vacuum end to the inlet end. In addition, the pump inevitably has harmful space in the design, manufacture and assembly, which also reduces the limit vacuum degree of the pump. Oil seal mechanical vacuum pump is to seal the moving parts and exhaust valve parts with oil; fill the harmful space, so that the chance of “breakthrough” of high-pressure gas is much less, and the sealing performance is much better, so that the pump can reach a higher vacuum degree.

At present, many domestic research units and manufacturers are designing and producing a series of oil seal vacuum pumps for water vapor extraction and corrosion resistance. With the development and application of new technology and materials, various oil seal mechanical vacuum pumps with better performance, meeting various industrial needs and strong adaptability will be produced.

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