Liquid ring vacuum pump with water separator

What is a vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is a machine that delivers or pressurizes liquid. It transmits the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid, so as to increase the liquid energy.

The vacuum pump is mainly used to transport water, oil, acid and alkali liquid, emulsion, suspending emulsion and liquid metal, and also can transport liquid, gas mixture and liquid containing suspended solids.

Vacuum pumps can be generally divided into three types: positive displacement pumps, power pumps and other types of pumps according to their working principles. Besides classification according to working principle, it can also be classified and named according to other methods. For example, according to the driving method, it can be divided into electric pump and hydraulic pump; according to the structure, it can be divided into single-stage pump and multi-stage pump; according to the purpose, it can be divided into boiler feed pump and metering pump; according to the nature of liquid delivery, it can be divided into water pump, oil pump and mud pump.

Each performance parameter of vacuum pump has a certain dependence on each other. It can be represented by a curve, which is called the characteristic curve of pump. Each pump has its own specific characteristic curve.

Liquid ring vacuum pump with water separator can be used to pump water vapor and common gas. Because of their constant temperature compression characteristics, they can pump flammable, explosive and corrosive gases.


liquid ring vacuum pump main features:

1. Direct coupling design, saving space, convenient installation and maintenance.

2. The separator connection can guarantee the suction effect under the condition of cavitation as much as possible and protect the pump.

3. It can be equipped with stainless steel impeller, with high strength and durability, which improves the corrosion resistance of the pump.

4. The unique flexible air outlet design will not produce excessive compression, so as to ensure the best performance and efficiency.

5. Y2 series motors are used, IP54 \ IP55 protection (common, IP44), insulation class F (common is class B insulation).

6. The flexible seal can completely adopt polytetrafluoroethylene, which can greatly extend the service life of the pump under severe conditions.

Inlet separator

The inlet separator has a 150 pound carbon or 316s / s slip flange for air / water inlet and outlet. And stainless NPT outlet. These devices are specially designed to separate the water from the inlet flow of the pump before entering the liquid ring vacuum pump. They are used in applications such as beds, felt tubes, vacuum filters, etc.

Our liquid ring vacuum pump is equipped with a gas water separator, and a plurality of discharge ports and inspection covers are arranged in the pump shell. Adjust the clearance between the impeller and the distribution plate by positioning the two bearing end caps. Easy to install, use, operate and maintain.

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