Air compressor in glass industry

Air compressor applications: examples of major USES in the glass industry and importance!

In the glass industry, especially in the production of substrate glass, compressed air is the main medium used. Compressed air is used in workshops such as production lines and raw material lines. Compressed air in the glass industry is mainly used for combustion, medium transportation, air source for equipment and instrument operation, etc.

examples of major USES in the glass industry and importance!

1. Main USES of compressed air in glass industry:
1) combustion

It is mainly used to support the combustion of glass liquid in the melting furnace of production line, to atomize the medium to achieve the overall full combustion, and to purge the residual materials in the cavity of idle oil (powder, natural gas) and to protect the cavity from cooling during the fire changing process.

(2) medium transport

It is mainly used for conveying and spraying coke powder in pipelines. For example, ultrafine powder in grinding workshops is transported from compressed air to each workshop through pipelines to achieve a more reliable conveying speed, reduce production and transportation costs, and avoid the influence of ultrafine dust diffusion on the surrounding environment during transportation.

(3) equipment, instrument implementation gas

Mainly used in each workshop pneumatic equipment, such as cylinder, pneumatic ball valve operating air source, instruments and equipment, such as camera and lens cooling, cleaning.

(4) environmental dust removal system backblow

Used for backblowing of cloth bag or filter barrel of dust collection equipment such as dust collector, self-cleaning air filter, etc., such as backblowing of cloth bag at the top of dust collection silo and ash collection system in semi-dry desulfurization system to fully filter particulate matter in the air; .

Used in environmental denitrification system, the purge of the catalyst module of the denitrification tower and the purge of compressed air can reduce the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet smoke of the denitrification tower, so that the flue gas and catalyst can fully react, and the nitrogen oxide content in the flue gas can be reduced. .

(5) bottle blowing technology

Molten glass is made into narrow-necked cylinders using compressed air, usually by a pressure blow molding process, but both require compressed air supplied by an air compressor and are filtered and dried.

2. The importance of compressed air and the risk of air shutdown

The combustion system stops gas

The combustion medium of the production line will not be atomized, which will affect the temperature of the melting furnace, resulting in the insufficient combustion of raw materials. Some raw materials such as silica sand will be deposited in the bottom of the pool if they cannot be melted, which will make it impossible to produce qualified products in the float production line for a long time.

(2) transport gas stop gas
Vehicle transportation can be used as an alternative, but the overall transport speed will be reduced, the transport cost will be increased, the most important is the transport and powder loading and unloading process, will not be able to avoid the impact of dust on the surrounding environment;

(3) blow back with air to stop air
The filter element or cloth bag inside the dust removal equipment will be blocked, causing the dust collector to not work, which will lead to the formation of positive pressure inside the powder bin, resulting in the tank body positive pressure burst pipe or powder material pot, powder (such as coal coke powder, lime powder) out, causing a major environmental accident;

(4) equipment, instruments to perform gas shutdown

Float glass production line, adopt the automatic production line production, internal high degree of automation equipment, such as DCS system automatically switch flue gas damper, rotating disc control, fuel the reversing system, tin groove edge roller and other equipment, when the air supply in the movement, will likely not automatic fire change, beyond the control of flue gas damper opening, glass tank full of tin bath, such as accident, more than did not do enough to prevent the accident could cause unnecessary production accident.

The shutdown of compressed air may lead to a long cease-fire in the melting furnace, leading to the collapse of the entire production line, such as a short time can not be restored, may lead to the melting furnace in advance water cooling repair, is a fatal blow to the glass enterprises.

Air compressor in glass industry

Air compressor in glass industry

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