vacuum injection system of advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages, disadvantages and precautions of vacuum injection system

In principle, the pharmaceutical solution is added to the raw water, and the appropriate vacuum injection system equipment is used. The dosing equipment needs to accurately control the flow of the pharmaceutical solution according to the dosage of the raw water, and can be adjusted at any time according to the change of the raw water quantity and water quality. The dosing of liquid medicine requires accurate measurement, flexible adjustment, simple equipment and convenient operation. Several common dosing methods are introduced as follows:

vacuum injection system

1. Principle of gravity addition: use gravity to put liquid medicine in high water tank or tank into pipeline or bell mouth of water pump suction pipe.

Advantages and disadvantages: simple operation, safe and reliable dosing. However, high level pools or tanks must be provided.

Scope of application: small and medium-sized water plants, direct dosing to non pressure pipeline or mixing tank.

2. Principle of pressure addition: coagulant is put into treatment water by water ejector or metering pump. The most reliable dosing device is to control the dosing volume between the pump and the siphon tube, which is the most reliable metering device.

Advantages and disadvantages: it can ensure the dosage, not limited by the position of the dosing point and the pipeline pressure, and can realize the automatic control of the dosage.

Scope of application: all kinds of water plants can be used.

water ejector

3. Siphon dosing principle: siphon dosing equipment can control the dosage by changing the height difference between siphon inlet and outlet.

Advantages and disadvantages: the operation is simple and the dosage is stable, but high level pool or tank must be set.

Scope of application: small and medium-sized water plants directly add chemicals to the non pressure pipeline or mixing tank, less used.

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