Molecular pumps for semiconductor industry

In the manufacture of semiconductor wafers, in the production of solar magnetic memory, in the manufacture of solar panels, TFT, OLED and other optical high-end coatings, high-end analytical instruments and aerospace research, high vacuum, vortex molecular pumps, The compound molecular pump and the magnetic suspension molecular pump are one of the best equipments for obtaining high vacuum. The working principle is to use a high-speed rotating multi-layer rotor to transmit momentum to gas molecules, so that they can obtain directional velocity, which is compressed and layered. The layer stator is isolated and finally driven to the exhaust port to obtain a high vacuum for the front stage to be pumped away.

Molecular pump rotor is a typical high-speed flexible rotor, which has more than a dozen layers of hundreds of blades. The rotating blade and stator are only 0.1 mm, and the manufacturing tolerance reaches micron level. When the speed is up to 72,000 revolutions per minute, the speed at the end of the blade is close to supersonic speed. When the blade starts to rotate and stops, the acceleration and deceleration are very large. The slight deviation will cause great vibration. Its balance level is far above the international highest standard G0.4, and the vibration value measured by the pump shell should reach 0.01um. High speed online dynamic balancing adjustment is one of its core technologies.

Molecular Pump

FB Grease Lubricated (Hybrid) Molecular Pump

Turbomolecular pump manufacturers and countries are mainly concentrated in Edwards, Leybold and Pfeiffer, Alcatel in France and Varian in Italy. Shimadzu, Osaka and Ebara all inform customers that they will send the molecular pump back to the original plant for repair in about 1 to 2 years. Users do not know how to judge the status of the turbo-molecular pump.

Turbomolecular pump maintenance, composite molecular pump maintenance, magnetic suspension molecular pump maintenance is a very meticulous work, at the same time, special molecular pump maintenance and testing equipment must be used. Vibration spectrum analyzer is one of the necessary equipment for turbine molecular pump maintenance.

Molecular pump if bearing ball wear, inner ring wear, outer ring wear, poor grease, rotation deviation, poor alignment, spindle bending, poor balance, etc., will be reflected in vibration, through the special vibration spectrum analyzer for molecular pump maintenance, to see a certain range of acceleration spectrum value, we can quickly and accurately judge the molecule the state of the pump.

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