vacuum refining pump

After years of development, vacuum refining process has become one of the indispensable processes in steelmaking process and an effective means to improve the quality of molten steel. With the progress of technology, the production mode has changed from extensive management to fine management, and the control of production cost has become the most important part of enterprise management control. Therefore, the application of vacuum refining pump in vacuum refining process plays a very important role. It can greatly reduce the production cost of vacuum refining process and promote the development of vacuum refining process.

What is the function of vacuum refining process?

Vacuum refining process has many functions, such as oxygen blowing decarbonization, degassing (dehydrogenation, decarbonization), fine-tuning of composition, uniform composition and temperature of molten steel. It can greatly improve the quality of molten steel, improve the quality of steel and improve economic benefits. It also has the ability to deal with molten steel rapidly in large quantities, and can be well with the rapid growth of converter and continuous casting. Match the rhythm of labor. Therefore, vacuum refining technology is one of the most important refining processes in steelmaking process.

At the beginning of the development of vacuum refining technology, the choice of vacuum system generating equipment is the most important part of the whole process technology. Through continuous process practice, steam jet pump technology has become the first choice because of its strong ability to obtain vacuum, low cost of construction and maintenance. In production practice, steam jet pump mainly uses converter waste heat steam and auxiliary boiler steam or self-contained power plant steam. However, steam jet pump also has some weaknesses, such as large steam consumption and difficult to balance the steam in the workshop. The vacuum system composed of Roots pump as the main pump and water ring pump in series can greatly reduce the steam consumption in the process.


Water Ring Vacuum Pump Working Principle : The working fluid (water) of the water ring pump passes through the inlet. When the impeller rotates clockwise, the water is thrown around due to centrifugal force, forming a closed water ring. The upper inner surface of the water ring is in contact with the top of the blade. At this time, a crescent space is formed between the impeller and the water ring. The lower part of the impeller is 0 degree as the starting point. When the impeller rotates at the first 18 degrees, the volume of the cavity increases from small to large, and is connected with the suction port on the end surface. At this time, the gas is absorbed, and the cavity becomes smaller during the impeller rotation, and the suction gas is absorbed. When the body is compressed, the impeller continues to rotate and the cavity is connected with the exhaust port, the gas is sucked and drained to complete a suction process.

Roots Vacuum Pump Principle : Roots pump is a kind of vacuum pump without internal compression. Usually, the compression ratio is very low. Therefore, high and medium vacuum pumps need front-stage pumps. Vacuum pumps can be pumped by moving gas through a pair of bladed rotors in the pump chamber by synchronous and reverse rotation. Mechanical vacuum pumps with a pair of sole-shaped rotors with synchronous and high-speed rotation can not be pumped separately. The front stage needs to be equipped with oil seals and water rings to directly discharge the atmosphere.

The vacuum system consisting of a series water ring pump with a Roots pump as the main pump has high mechanical precision and high requirements for the dust content of the gas entering the pump chamber. At the beginning of the development of vacuum refining technology, the dust content of the gas entering the pump chamber can meet the real requirement as the dust removal equipment meets the technological requirements and with the progress of the dust removal technology, the dust content of the gas entering the pump chamber can meet the real requirement. The working requirements of air pump, vacuum refining pump in the vacuum refining process application has finally been favored and loved by iron and steel companies, get good practical application.

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