laboratory vacuum pumps of selection misunderstandings

Vacuum pump selection in laboratory of error analysis

Laboratory vacuum pump is a kind of commonly used equipment, specially designed according to the specific needs of laboratory equipment. In the laboratory, there are many experiments or equipments that need to be used with vacuum pump, such as vacuum filtration, waste liquid absorption, vacuum drying box, freeze dryer or centrifugal concentrator and so on. As specific users, users often can not accurately select products according to their own needs and matching equipment. Users often have the following misunderstandings when choosing laboratory vacuum pumps:

laboratory vacuum pumps of selection misunderstandings

1. The higher the power, the better. In daily sales, customers often encounter a lot of consultation, only ask the laboratory vacuum pump power as high as possible. The parameters that affect the actual effect of the general vacuum pump are the vacuum degree of the product and the pumping speed. If the effect of distillation depends on the level of vacuum in the process of decompression, attention should be paid to the selection of products that meet the vacuum requirements of their own sample distillation, of course, the model with the highest vacuum degree can also be selected; when vacuum filtration and vacuum drying are carried out, the vacuum pump with appropriate pumping speed should be selected according to the volume of the filter bottle or drying oven. The value of power will indirectly affect the vacuum degree and pumping speed, but the structure, principle, internal design and other factors of the vacuum pump will affect the vacuum degree and pumping speed. For example, the power of oil pump and water pump is generally higher than that of oil-free vacuum pump, but different types of oil-free vacuum pump will also exceed the above two types of pumps in terms of vacuum degree and pumping speed. Therefore, the actual effect of vacuum pump can not be determined simply by power.

laboratory vacuum pumps

The oil-free vacuum pump can be plugged in without maintenance, but it is recommended to use the oil pump in the field with high requirements for vacuum degree and pumping speed

2. Because there is no maintenance and maintenance, so only buy oil-free vacuum pump. At present, the commonly used laboratory vacuum pumps on the market are divided into oil-free vacuum pumps, oil pumps, water circulation pumps, etc. Compared with other products, the oil-free vacuum pump can be used by plug-in without adding pump oil or connecting water source. It is convenient to use and does not pollute the environment. However, due to the limitation of its principle and structure, the oil-free vacuum pump cannot reach the maximum vacuum pump and pumping speed that the oil pump can achieve. Therefore, for some applications and equipment with high vacuum or pumping speed requirements, oil pump should be selected.

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