dry screw vacuum pump for oil production process

Dry screw vacuum pump in the pump shell for synchronous high-speed reverse rotation of the suction and exhaust effect of the pumping equipment, equipment in the process of oil production process, we need to have a certain understanding of the process, the following will introduce to you the use of vacuum pump technology:

1、dry screw vacuum pump for oil production process

(1) As a kind of oil field production and transportation technology, it is a very good means of production and transportation, widely used in oil production, and widely used in oil field surface oil and gas gathering and transportation system.

(2) All of this depends on its excellent adaptability to the physical properties of the transmission medium, especially for the transmission of gas-liquid mixture, which can solve the problems of cavitation, air lock and sand jam faced by ordinary positive displacement pump, and achieve high efficiency.


2、 Structure and working principle of oil production unit

The utility model is composed of a downhole screw pump and a ground driving device. Both of them take the reinforced sucker rod as the winding shaft, and transmit the power of the wellhead driving device to the downhole through the rotary motion of the sucker rod, so as to drive the rotor of the screw pump.

3、 Structure:

(1) The downhole screw pump is composed of a single head rotor and a double head stator, forming a sealed cavity between the two parts. When the rotor rotates in the stator, these cavities move axially from the suction end to the discharge end, and the sealing cavity disappears at the discharge end.

(2) A new sealing chamber is formed at the suction end, in which the liquid sucked is pushed from the suction end to the discharge end along with the movement. Then these closed chambers rotate with the rotor, move from the pump inlet to the outlet, and push the liquid from the inlet to the outlet, discharge it into the pipeline, and lift it to the ground.

Dry screw vacuum pump is a new product of oil sealed vacuum pump, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other enterprises with high requirements for clean vacuum. Only a good understanding, can better use, so in the face of the use of equipment technology, it is recommended that the operators have.

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