Vacuum pump in salt industry

Salt is still one of the most valuable commodities, but there is a major problem in the production of salt: especially in the process of salt production, sodium chloride, together with sand and other degradation materials, quickly accumulates in the collection tank. Not only do aggressive substances contain contaminants, they also promote metal corrosion in production plants.

Most salt production processes use multi effect evaporation to increase the effective temperature difference to improve the output, save energy and reduce consumption, while the first effect low-pressure steam pressure and temperature are basically stable, and the improvement space is limited, so we try to improve the final effect vacuum degree to achieve the purpose.

So how to improve the vacuum degree in salt making process? What type of vacuum pump should be selected to meet the needs of salt production process? This paper gives a detailed explanation of this problem

Main features of vacuum pump in salt industry:

There are many types of vacuum pumps, such as water ring vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump and steam jet vacuum pump.


Its main features are as follows:

(1) the water ring vacuum pump can be used alone to extract water vapor or corrosive gas, but in the salt industry, the capacity of non condensable gas discharge is limited, and the vacuum effect is general when the exhaust volume is not enough;

(2) roots vacuum pump is generally not used alone. It is often used in series with water ring vacuum pump as a vacuum unit. It has the advantages of high vacuum degree, does not consume medium pressure steam, and has better ability to discharge non condensable gas. However, after serious corrosion of rotor and impeller, the effect is poor, maintenance is difficult, and anti-corrosion materials shall be selected during selection;

(3) the biggest disadvantage of reciprocating vacuum pump is that there are many vulnerable parts, the piston ring is vulnerable and the sealing is poor;

(4) the steam jet vacuum pump is widely used by salt manufacturers, with good and stable vacuum effect and few maintenance, but the effect of foreign steam jet pump is better than that of domestic one.

These pumps are very suitable for salt industry applications. Brine pump is mainly used for brine recycling in high pressure system of several desalination plants.

The brine pumps we provide are designed with the exact requirements of the oil and gas and coastal industries in mind and require a large amount of brine to be pumped. All of these products are manufactured to industry standards and ensure long-term benefits.

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