Pulp paper making pump

Pulp paper making pump of overview

Papermaking machinery is machinery that includes raw material preparation, pulping, papermaking, until it is made into rolls or finished products, and processing paper and paperboard.

Since the 1950s, there have been many developments and innovations in papermaking machinery. For example, in preparation pulping equipment, the emergence of vertical continuous digester, replacement scrubber, hot mill, new pressure screen and slag remover; In the paper machine appeared a new slurry box, clamping net, compound press, polyester forming network.

Since the 1960s, the SCR speed control system of dc motor has been widely applied in paper making machine. Electronic technology is used to detect, control and record the parameters of paper making process, such as machine speed, material concentration, temperature, flow rate, dryness, quantification, thickness, tightness and strength of paper width. By the 1980s, large vertical continuous digesters could produce 1,350 tons of pulp per day; The door width of the paper machine can reach 10 meters, the speed is above 1000 meters/min, and the daily output exceeds 500 tons.

According to the process flow of pulp and paper making, paper making machinery can be divided into three categories: preparation pulp making equipment, paper making machine and finishing machine.

Pulp paper making pump application

Preparation equipment is the equipment for pretreatment and processing of papermaking raw materials before cooking or grinding according to the requirements of cooking or grinding process. It is divided into non-wood fiber preparation equipment and wood fiber preparation equipment. The former has cutting grass machine, cutting reed machine and sugarcane pulp machine, the latter has peeling machine, chipping machine.

Chipper is the production of wood pulp required by the log into a certain specification of wood chip machine, divided into disc type and drum type two; The digester is the equipment which dissolves the lignin in the papermaking raw materials in the digesting liquid and separates the papermaking raw materials into fibers. It can be divided into intermittent type and continuous type. Wood mill is the production of wood pulp equipment, according to the production mode can be divided into intermittent type and continuous type two, according to the log pressure mode can be divided into hydraulic pressure type and mechanical pressure type two;

Pulping equipment is used to separate plant materials into fibers. Pulping method can be divided into chemical method, mechanical method and chemical mechanical method, the corresponding pulping equipment including digester, mill, hot mill, washing machine, bleach machine, beating machine and waste liquid recovery equipment.

The wood slice after steam preheating, and then in high pressure state grinding pulp known as hot wood chip mill, the machine manufacturing hot wood chip mill pulp is hot mill, hot mill power consumption is very big, so make full use of the heat energy in the process of grinding pulp is the key problem of hot mill; Pulp washing machine is the steam pulp and black liquor separation of mechanical equipment, according to the extraction rate of black liquor, there are high concentration and low concentration extraction two categories.

The purpose of pulp bleaching is to remove the residual lignin and pigment in the pulp after cooking, improve the whiteness of pulp, so that the pulp has a white color. The bleaching machine is a kind of bleaching equipment which is widely used. Slurry and bleach are placed in the pool and continuously added with washing water. The mixing and chemical reactions are completed by circulating through the pool with the help of screw propeller. Water with bleached products and residual bleaching solution is discharged through the inner cavity of the washing drum to make a white pulp.

The paper machine is the complete set of equipment which makes the pulp form the linkage of the paper frame, including the flow box, the net part, the press part, the drying cadre, the calendering part, the paper winding part, as well as the transmission part and so on host and steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, heat recovery and so on auxiliary system. The net part that forms wet paper frame is the core of paper machine, so paper machine can be divided into long net paper machine, clamping net paper machine and circular net paper machine according to the structure of the net part.

The slurry box is the equipment that sends the slurry of appropriate concentration to the net evenly and stably through the parts such as the slurry distributor, rectifying device, weir tank and weir plate nozzle, also known as the box before the net. After the slurry is sprayed from the slurry box to the copper net, the wet paper page is formed on the net and dehydrated. Then is the press, using mechanical methods to extrude the wet page out of the web, improve the dry degree of the page, while improving the surface properties of the page, eliminate mesh and increase smoothness, tightness and strength; Then into the drying cadre, after the press of the wet paper further dehydration, so that the paper shrinkage, fiber binding and increase strength.

After the paper out of the drying cadres by the calender, can improve the smoothness, gloss and tightness of the paper, make the full thickness of the paper, and reduce the permeability; At last, the main process of papermaking is completed by the paper reel. In order to meet the different needs in the future, the paper mill also has a super calendering machine, rewinding machine, paper cutting machine and so on.

Pulp paper making pump classification

Production models can be divided into napkin machine, toilet paper machine, tissue machine, etc. The processing machinery in the production process has the coil paper slitting machine, the band saw cutting machine and so on.

Napkins machine according to the production of napkins are divided into different types: color printing napkins machine, automatic embossing folding napkins machine and so on.

Toilet paper machine according to the degree of automation is divided into: automatic toilet paper rewinding machine and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinding machine.

Tissue machine including box – type tissue machine, mini paper towel machine, wipe paper machine.

Suitable for pulp and paper pump.

Pulp paper making pump
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