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With the increasingly strict requirements of national carbon dioxide recovery and energy conservation and emission reduction, the carbon dioxide series compressor developed by our company in combination with the characteristics of international advanced compressors is famous at home and abroad for its exquisite technology, stable and reliable performance and excellent quality, and is one of the leading products of EVP vacuum pump manufacturers.

For the characteristics of carbon dioxide and the special requirements of the process, the guide ring, piston ring, sealing packing, gas valve and other vulnerable parts of the compressor are made of new materials, with long service life and convenient replacement and maintenance. The shell of the overflow part is made of stainless steel, and the cooler is made of stainless steel high-efficiency cooler core with good cooling effect. The unit (or non skid) design and perfect automatic control and protection system make the installation and use more convenient.

Air compressor is the basic product of industrial modernization, which is often said to have the meaning of full pneumatic in electrical and automation. Air compressor is to provide the power of air source, which is the main part of the mechanical and electrical air supply device of the core equipment of pneumatic system. It is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the original motion (usually the motor) into the gas pressure energy, and it is the air pressure generating device of compressed air. It consists of oil circulation system, gas circulation system, water circulation system, power distribution system, panel protection system, DC power system and DTC control system. From the installation position: the air compressor shall be installed in front of the nitrogen compressor (the air compressor provides preliminary compressed air to the nitrogen compressor, and then the nitrogen compressor separates the oxygen in the air through the membrane separation device, and provides high pressure nitrogen only.)


Product Description:

Air separation unit refers to the equipment that obtains oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon from liquid air at low temperature according to the boiling point of each component.

Application fields:

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other rare gases produced by air separation unit are widely used in steel, chemical industry, oil refining, glass, rubber, electronic, medical, food, metal, power generation and other industries.

Product specification:

1. According to the customer’s requirements, it is equipped with the air separation unit of normal temperature molecular sieve purification, turbo expander, low-pressure distillation tower and argon extraction system.

2. According to the product requirements, we can provide external compression, internal compression (air pressurization, nitrogen pressurization), self pressurization and other processes.

3. Structure block diagram design, fast installation on site.

4. The ultra-low pressure process reduces the discharge pressure and operation cost of the air compressor.

5. Advanced argon extraction process, higher argon extraction rate.

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