Vacuum system in grease deodorization

Vacuum system in deodorization of oil of application

This paper deals with the application of vacuum system in deodorization of oil. With the vigorous development of catering industry, the amount of oily wastewater from kitchen has increased significantly. In addition to the oil and grease substances in the form of floating oil, emulsified oil and soluble oil, there are also a large number of suspended substances in the drainage pipe, which are easy to block the drainage pipe network. At the same time, when this kind of wastewater is discharged into the water body, the oil substance floats on the surface of the water body, affecting the reaeration and natural purification process of the water body, endangering the water ecosystem and seriously polluting the surrounding environment. Long time exposure to air will make cooking oil and fat taste bad. Consumer demand for higher quality, better flavor, lighter color, cholesterol free cooking oil has changed deodorization technology. These changes need to enhance the performance of the vacuum system to improve the quality of oil products, reduce operating costs, and consider environmental issues, but also can almost eliminate pollutants.

Customized vacuum system:

(1) find the best vacuum solution for specific application by fully understanding the factors affecting selection. Our system engineers consider all aspects of the requirements in the design process, and according to their experience in many installation projects across the country, customize the vacuum system for customers.

(2) in the design process of each system, process variables, specific measurement results, special legal requirements, local climate and other environmental factors are considered to ensure good performance of the system. All vacuum systems of pronock vacuum technology are based on reliable and proven design, and can be customized to provide solutions for the established applications. Therefore, product performance and quality can be guaranteed.

(3) select the right products and combine them with the appropriate working principle and construction materials to optimize the energy efficiency, service life and other important parameters.

In the production of edible oil, after degumming, deacidification and decolorization, the crude oil also contains a certain amount of fatty acids and trace amounts of aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, glycerides and other substances. The existence of these substances leads to the existence of “stink” in the oil. The deodorization of oil is an important process in the refining production. It is to make use of the great difference in the volatility between stink components and triglycerides Under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum, the odor components are removed by the principle of steam distillation.

The production equipment for deodorization of vegetable oil and other materials is widely used in oil processing and other industries. The traditional deodorization equipment puts materials into a container with a capacity of hundreds of liters for heating, which is relatively large in volume and complex in operation, so it is not suitable for experimental application.

This paper discloses an application solution of vacuum system in oil deodorization, and provides a simple structure to overcome the defects of the prior art

First of all, the heater heats the materials in the reaction tank to remove water, and the steam enters the reaction tank through the steam jet pipe to deodorize the materials at a high temperature. Then, the vacuum pump provides a negative pressure for the reaction tank to extract the steam in the materials, and the steam is discharged from the vacuum pump with the odor in the materials to achieve the deodorization effect. Finally, the cooling spiral pipe cools the materials after high temperature deodorization The cooled material enters the filter through the filter pump, and is discharged after being filtered by the filter. It can be seen that the vacuum system is compact in structure, small in volume, convenient in operation and good in deodorization effect. In addition, it will not damage the nutritional composition of oil and can ensure the quality of finished products.

Vacuum system in grease deodorization

Vacuum system in grease deodorization

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