rotary lobe vacuum boosters

Oil-free rotary vane compressors are at the heart of every custom package we make. Rotary vane compressor is a variant of rotary positive displacement compressor.

According to the usage, the rotary vane compressor is usually called “roots type” blower or vacuum supercharger:

Blower – exhaust pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure
Vacuum booster – suction and exhaust pressure below atmospheric pressure

rotary lobe vacuum boosters

Mechanical vacuum booster

Mechanical vacuum booster pump is an import replacement product, in need of rapid evacuation time, the environment or energy use in question of the application, the use of increasing number of applications are excluded.rotary lobe vacuum boosters

Booster pump improves the performance of oil seal/water ring/dry vacuum mechanical pump, the ultimate vacuum degree and pumping speed, the pump has been widely used in the industry.

Vacuum booster  of operating principle

The rotary disc compressor consists of two meshing rotors mounted on parallel shafts. In a double-lobe compressor, each rotor has two lobes (each compressor has four). In a three-lobe machine, each rotor has three lobes (six for each compressor).rotary lobe vacuum boosters

Outsourcing advantages:

0.001 torr or higher for high vacuum

High pumping speed at low pressure. Speed increase by 3 to 10 times or more

Relatively low power consumption to improve performance

Greatly reduced the vacuum machine vacuum time

Prevent oil backflow from rotating pump

Dry pumping – suitable for gas/steam loads

Improve vacuum performance of existing plants and machines

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