Low maintenance Vacuum Pump

How important is proper installation and maintenance of vacuum pumps? Maybe you don’t even know!

Low maintenance Vacuum Pump

1. Attention of vacuum pump installation

1. Choose a reasonable pipeline scheme

(1) the shorter the distance between the vacuum system outlet and the pump inlet, the better;

(2) the less pipe bends, the better;

(3) the inlet pipe should be higher than the inlet center line of the pump, and the outlet pipe should avoid the factors that cause great resistance, such as climbing up the outlet pipe, right Angle turning, etc.

(4) the diameter of the matched inlet and outlet pipe shall be consistent with the diameter of the product’s inlet and outlet. If the vacuum system is small, the diameter of the inlet pipe with the inlet pipe shall be small, but not less than 70% of the diameter of the product’s inlet pipe, and the outlet diameter shall be greater than or equal to the diameter of the inlet pipe;

(5) the pipe bend should be smooth transition;

(6) valve shall be installed in the inlet pipe of vacuum pump to adjust the water intake. Low maintenance vacuum pump

2. Avoid falling into foreign matters when installing or maintaining pipelines.

3, pipe joints to add sealing gasket, there must be no leakage, leakage phenomenon.

4. Install a vacuum meter at the suction port of the vacuum system to grasp the change of vacuum.

5. Install a valve on the pipe line of the suction port.

Common faults and troubleshooting of vacuum pump

1. Vacuum degree cannot reach the index

Check that the vent valve is tight. The valve can also be repeatedly opened and closed in the process of air extraction, allowing the outside air to blow the valve hole, in order to blow out the valve may have some impurities, so as to ensure the sealing of the valve. Low maintenance vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is connected with the main machine by a vacuum tube. Check whether the clamps at the two connections are tightened. The stainless steel joint of the right side of the main engine suction port can be tightened clockwise with a large wrench.

Check the bottom surface of the plexiglass cover is smooth and smooth. Whether the “O” rubber seal ring is broken. When the vacuum pump starts to work, press down the glass cover for a moment, which is good for sealing.

Check the quality of vacuum pump oil and observe whether the pump oil is turbid or mixed with impurities from the oil viewing mirror. In general, the vacuum pump oil needs to be replaced after continuous operation for about 200 hours.

2. Leakage of vacuum pump

Check for leaks (mainly oil goggles and gaskets) and replace with new accessories.

3. Cold trap temperature is high

Cold trap temperature high, generally due to poor heat dissipation, or high ambient temperature caused by.

4. Vacuum display “– –”

Check the connection of the vacuum gauge, otherwise, please contact the after-sales service department of the sales company to solve the problem in time.

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