Vacuum System Application

Vacuum System Industry Application

Vacuum can exist in the distant stars, but also around us, such as vacuum-dried coffee, vacuum-packed cooked meat, even containing cooking oil, potato chips after tea and wine, are first pumped into vacuum, then refilled and packed with maintenance gas. Special Purnock Vacuum Pump for Food Processing and Packaging Industry, Food Grade Pump Oil, Food Grade Certification. Special vacuum pump for high oxygen and pure oxygen environment.

Vacuum system is composed of vacuum pump, PLC program control system, gas storage tank, vacuum pipeline, vacuum valve, overseas filter assembly and so on. At present, the system is widely used in electronic semiconductor industry, photoelectric backlight module, mechanical processing and other industries.

The vacuum system has included pumping speed control, intake filtration, main operation data display, operation protection and remote control interface. A complete vacuum system can be formed by simply connecting power supply and pipeline on site. The control system of the vacuum system is composed of advanced PLC control system after programming. It uses touch screen as human-machine interface to realize automatic control of vacuum system, workpiece walking, magnetic control target, process setting and execution, alarm protection system, etc.
Vacuum system is used to absorb all types of dust in vacuum. All vacuum systems provide a wide range of accessories to ensure better cleanliness of all equipment.

Technical Parameters:

Model Main pump Support pump Pump speed Ultimate pressure Motor Power


 Main pump Support pump
一世 II L/s PaSupport 一世 II
JZP2H70-5 ZJP70 2小时15分钟 70 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 1.1 2.2
JZP2H70-8 ZJP70 2H8 70 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 1.1 1.1
JZP2H150-5 ZJP150 2H30 150 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 2.2 4
JZP2H150-8 ZJP150 2小时15分钟 150 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 2.2 2.2
JZP2H300-4 ZJP300 2H70 300 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 4 7.5
JZP2H300-8 ZJP300 2H30 300 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 4 4
JZPH300-4 ZJP300 H70B 300 1×10-1 7.5×10-4 4 7.5
JZPH600-4 ZJP600 H150 600 1×10-1 7.5×10-4 7.5 15
JZPH600-8 ZJP600 H70B 600 1×10-1 7.5×10-4 7.5 7.5
JZP2H600-8 ZJP600 2H70 600 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 7.5 7.5
JZPH1200-8 ZJP1200 H150 1200 1×10-1 7.5×10-4 11 15
JZP2H300-42 ZJP300 ZJP70 2H30 300 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 4 1.1 4
JZP2H300-44 ZJP300 ZJP70 2小时15分钟 300 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 4 1.1 2.2
JZPH600-42 ZJP600 ZJP150 H70 600 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 7.5 2.2 7.5
JZP2H600-42 ZJP600 ZJP150 2H70 600 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 7.5 2.2 7.5
JZP2H600-44 ZJP600 ZJP150 2H30 600 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 7.5 2.2 4
JZP1200-42 ZJP1200 ZJP300 H150 1200 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 7.5 4 15
JZPH150-42 ZJP1200 ZJP300 H150 1200 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 11 4 11
JZPH1200-44 ZJP1200 ZJP300 H70B 1200 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 11 4 7.5
JZP2H1200-44 ZJP1200 ZJP300 2H70 1200 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 11 4 7.5
JZPH2500-44 ZJP2500 ZJP600 H150 2500 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 22 7.5 15

Vacuum System in Workshop Operation Application

It is used for general cleaning of workshop. It can absorb coarse particles, dust and a small amount of liquid in vacuum. Vacuum removal of food powder through filters, such as vacuum removal of flour mineral residues, such as general cleaning of concrete for workshop and industrial operations, is suitable for vacuum removal of carcinogenic dust. Our vacuum system is designed with high quality filters, which can achieve long service life and choose different types of filters. The vacuum systems in the product group are equipped with removable garbage bins.

Vacuum system is actually a similar term for vacuum unit. Vacuum unit is a closed-loop vacuum equipment composed of several vacuum pumps. It does not necessarily have some equipment such as radiator, condenser and so on. Generally speaking, the vacuum system must have all kinds of parts and components.

When the dust is small, it can be filtered by the pump oil filtration system. But when the dust is large, in order to prevent the damage of the vacuum pump and ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump, the vacuum system must be used.

Vacuum system product picture:


Vacuum system product picture

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