Air Cool Rotational Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Air cooled screw vacuum pump introduction

Air-cooled rotational dry screw vacuum pump is the use of a pair of screw, so the pump work, no friction between each other, smooth running, low noise, working cavity without lubricating oil, therefore, can dry screw pump pumping contains a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust gas occasions, limiting vacuum is higher, lower power consumption, energy saving, maintenance free, etc. It is the replacement of traditional vacuum pump and has a great market prospect in the future.

Air cooled dry screw vacuum pump features:

1. There is no lubricating oil in the working chamber, so a clean vacuum can be obtained:
2. No oil and gas pollution is extracted in the working chamber, high recovery rate of technological gas, convenient tail gas treatment, and at the same time, avoid oil and gas and soot emissions. Low environmental pollution
3. There is no lubricating oil in the working chamber to avoid the operation failure caused by the emulsification and deterioration of the lubricating oil, which improves the stability of the system and reduces the loss of the pump lubricating oil
4. The pump is applicable to a wide range, the pump working chamber and the spiral rotor surface have protective coating, can adapt to bad working conditions, the pump chamber is a clearance sealing structure, is not sensitive to a small number of small particles of dust, and dust is not easy to deposit in the pump chamber, can be used to extract flammable and explosive gas when the explosion-proof configuration
5. The body is not compressed in the pump chamber, when the pump works, the temperature in the pump chamber reaches more than 100 degrees, so that the condensable gas is not easy to condense, and the pump chamber is a straight structure, the exhaust port is at the bottom of the pump chamber, the sundries in the pump chamber are easy to discharge, so it is appropriate to extract the condensable gas
6. The pump can be used alone, or combined with roots pump, molecular pump, etc. to form an oil-free vacuum unit. As the front stage of the unit, the air inlet pressure of a single pump can be adjusted and adjusted at 1pa to atmospheric pressure
7. The screw pump should maintain a high temperature when working, and the efficiency of natural surface heat dissipation is improved when the pump works, and the cooling water and the pump temperature difference is large, the cooling effect is good, so the pump cooling water consumption is small, the cooling water and the pump temperature difference is large, the cooling water temperature is low
8. All parts in the pump chamber are sealed with clearance, and there is no contact friction between the parts. The parts have small loss and long service life.
9. Screw pump structure is simple, the type of parts, the number of small, maintenance square
10. Fast start, small start current, small impact on the power grid

Air Cool Rotational Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Air Cool Rotational Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

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