Liquid ring vacuum pump overview

Liquid ring vacuum pump rotating plate spring winding method

Vacuum pump must be used in many areas, vacuum pump caused by the indispensable liquid ring vacuum pump, in the operation is also indispensable for the application of every spare part, related to the pump’s rotating plate top support elastic yellow winding production method, has given a detailed introduction:

1, according to the size of the original tool steel male, using the same or similar diameter of spring steel.

2, with a diameter smaller than the original yellow spiral nominal diameter of the crank winch, tool steel with two wood board clamp on the vise, the steel tail clamp in the groove at the top of the hand, turn the crank winch winding system.

3. The rotating plate of the liquid ring vacuum pump is wound with symmetrical force to ensure the continuity of the elastic yellow. The elastic yellow warp is lengthened.

4, the liquid ring vacuum pump after the rotary plate winding of the yellow should be quenched to be able to apply. There are standard can be quenched by heat treatment furnace. When its own method to solve, rough yellow, can be wrapped in yellow papyrus, multilayer, add a small amount of motor oil after ignition, burning rolling back and forth, until the paper burned, throw in the water; On fine yellow, ding wrapped thin low with rapeseed oil burning. That’s just as powerful.

The production method of mechanical pump rotating plate top spring yellow winding can be used in the application, the appropriate use of the machine equipment to produce higher economic benefits, but also increased the application time of machine equipment, good use.

Liquid ring vacuum pump overview

Liquid ring vacuum pump overview

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