Roots blower for backwashing

The so-called backwashing refers to the reverse flushing of water (purified gas) after filter purification, so as to restore the purification function of the filter, remove the filter blockage, and reduce the pressure difference between the two ends of the filter. Is a more advanced way of sewage treatment, is gradually applied to the sewage treatment industry. Blower plays an important role in sewage treatment. It is highly praised in the sewage treatment industry for its high level of technology and material.

Roots blower for backwashing

Backwash roots blower of working principle?

The backwash blower is mainly used in the process flow of waterworks. The filter is the last process of the conventional water treatment structure in the water plant. The operation of the filter directly affects the water quality of the water plant. However, after a period of operation of many filters, the sludge content in the filter layer will increase, and the expected backwash effect can not be achieved within the design value range of backwashing strength. Moreover, the flushing duration is prolonged and the water yield is decreased, which seriously hinders the normal operation of the fast filter. The effect of backwashing will directly affect the filtration behavior. If the effect of filter flushing is not good, a series of harmful effects will be produced.

At present, there are three main ways of filter backwash: simple water backwash, water backwash, supplemented by surface flushing and air water backwash. Compared with the other two backwashing processes, air-water backwashing is the most widely used one at present. This is related to its mature and exquisite process history. The air backwash technology was used in the fast filter of the small fall unit in New Jersey in 1902, and was popularized and adopted with the improvement of the technology.

As one of the important equipment of air-water backwashing, roots blower plays a key role. Roots blower directly supplies air to the filter, and has the advantages of high efficiency, simple equipment and convenient operation.

Roots blower will occur of abnormal vibration:

Roots blower abnormal vibration, should immediately stop using, and check the blower to find out the cause, the following specific reasons are analyzed as follows:

1. The loss of gear clearance is too large, dislocation and loose fixation;
2.As shown in Fig. 2, the clearance of the rolling bearing on the blower side exceeds the specified value or the bearing is worn;
3. The impeller and impeller caused by foreign matters and dust, the impeller and the shell collapse and sweep the hall;
4. Collision deformation between impellers due to pressure overload and bending of shaft;
5. Due to the overheating and high pressure caused by the friction between the impeller and the shell inlet;
6. The impeller is out of balance due to scaling or foreign matters;
7. If the bottom anchor bolt and other fasteners are loose or the pipeline resonance is found, the specific maintenance measures are as follows: replace the blower bearing or bearing and gear, ensure that the blower is re installed to accompany the rebound, clean the blower, check the cabinet for damage, check the back pressure, check whether the blower impeller is checked, and adjust the clearance with a feeler gauge.

Check the filter and back pressure of backwashing blower, increase the gap between impeller and volute inlet, clean impeller and pump shell with kerosene, ensure the clearance of impeller, tighten anchor bolt and leveling base, check pipeline and eliminate hidden danger.

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