Vacuum water diversion unit – Retrofit traditional water tank diversion

The new generation of vacuum water priming unit, water priming vacuum unit application program to transform the traditional water tank priming, water priming vacuum unit is generally used in water plants, pressurized pumping stations, sewage and drainage siphon pumping rooms, pumping rooms next to rivers, lakes and seas, internal water supply of factories, mines and enterprises, centrifugal pumping stations that cannot self-priming, etc. According to the customer’s site design vacuum priming device, so that the vacuum priming unit to play the maximum role.

Existing problems with water diversions.

Only allowed single centrifugal pump divert water, not multiple continuous diversions;

The water pump cannot be turned on at any time, it can only be turned on sequentially and not arbitrarily;

The water diversion time is too long and can not work continuously;

The pump room needs to be lower than the liquid level of the water supply tank;

Principle of vacuum water diversion device:

(1) Before starting the vacuum water diversion device, close the electric valve at the outlet of the water pump, supply clean water to the gas-water separator, open the water supply valve between the separator and the vacuum pump, select the vacuum pump and start it;

(2) The gas in the starting pump and the suction pipeline is discharged to the atmosphere through the valve, pipeline and vacuum pump;

(3) When the system detects that a vacuum is formed in the water pump housing and is full of water, it will stop the vacuum pump and give a signal to start the water pump;

Successful cases of water diversion vacuum unit:

A water plant uses a water diversion vacuum unit. The pool is 5-6 meters deep. The water pump is connected to the pipeline to pump the water to each branch. First, the vacuum pump is used to extract the gas from the pipeline to form a vacuum to suck the water into the water inlet of the pump. At this time, the water pump starts when it senses the water level, the vacuum pump stops, and the water pump pumps up the water in the pool when the inside of the pipeline is full of water.

Design parameters and principles of vacuum water diversion vacuum unit:

First, calculate the length of the pipeline, the depth of the water, the diameter of the pipeline, the volume of the pipeline and other data based on the site situation;

Then the engineer determines the type of water diversion vacuum unit, calculates the pumping volume of the water ring vacuum pump, and pumps the water to the inlet of the water pump according to the time proposed by the customer. Designs 2 water diversion vacuum devices of the water ring vacuum pump with a limit vacuum of 33 mbar to achieve high efficiency water diversion. , Low energy consumption and water diversion, effective vacuum water diversion vacuum unit energy-saving solutions.

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