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EVP vacuum pump manufacturers provide vacuum pump products for many markets and applications, such as rotary vane vacuum pump, oil-free vacuum pump, piston vacuum pump, etc. Provide high quality customer service to complement their high quality product line.

The rotary vane vacuum pump can pump out the dry gas in the sealed container. If it is equipped with a gas ballast device, it can also pump out a certain amount of condensable gas. However, it is not suitable for pumping gases with high oxygen content, corrosive to metals, chemical reaction to pump oil and dust particles. Rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the most basic vacuum equipment in vacuum technology. Rotary vane pumps are mostly small and medium-sized pumps. There are two types of rotary vane vacuum pump: single stage and double stage. The so-called two-stage is to connect two single-stage pumps in series in the structure. Generally, it is made of two-stage to obtain a higher vacuum.

If the rotary vane vacuum pump is operated improperly, it will often have faults, such as the vacuum degree of the rotary vane vacuum pump drops, oil injection, smoke, oil leakage at the oil seal, noise, etc., and emulsification of the vacuum pump oil in the pump. In case of such a situation, first of all, do not panic. After the shutdown, remove the faults one by one.


The manufacturer of rotary vane vacuum pump equipment introduces several troubleshooting methods:

Smoke and fuel injection of rotary vane vacuum pump: refers to smoke or fuel injection at the exhaust port of rotary vane vacuum pump during operation.

1. Smoke. If the pump is just started to operate and there is smoke, it is normal. If the pump is smoking for a long time, it is abnormal. Solution: smoke indicates that there is repair outside the air inlet of the pump, including pipes, valves and containers. Deal with it after leak detection. Smoking will be over.

2. Fuel injection, indicating that there are a large number of leakage points outside the air inlet, even the air inlet is exposed to the atmosphere. Solution: seal the air inlet of the pump to make the pump run. If there is no oil injection, it means there is leakage point. If the exhaust valve is damaged, check whether the exhaust valve is damaged and replace the damaged exhaust valve.

2. Noise of rotary vane vacuum pump: This refers to the noise of the pump.

1. When the pump is running, it makes an irregular sound, like the sound of metal knocking. This is the sound of the spinner hitting the pump. This kind of situation is mainly caused by the broken spring or the failure of contraction or ejection. Solution: open the pump and check whether the spiral spring is damaged. Replace the spring.

2. The noise of the exhaust valve is mainly due to the damage of the exhaust valve of the pump. Solution: replace the exhaust valve plate.

EVP rotary vane vacuum pump equipment manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of vacuum equipment, the main products are: X-type single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, SV rotary vane vacuum pump, etc., the products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, light textile, electronics, national defense, scientific research and other departments.

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