Food industry vacuum unit

The advantage of vacuum unit in the food industry is that in addition to inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, another important function is to prevent food oxidation. Removal of oxygen and various gases in the air is beneficial to prevent food from spoiling, and the oxygen in the packaging bag and food cells is pumped out, so that the micro-objects lose the “survival environment”.

Food industry vacuum unit

Vacuum unit of advantages:

1.Avoid power waste, heat, noise, and environmental considerations that affect working conditions and personnel as much as the power costs and operating costs of the factory.

2.Heat accumulation: The heat generated by multiple independent machines in a limited space overloads the working environment, thus affecting air-conditioning equipment.

3.Noise: The noise from all vacuum pumps and air compressors enhances the noise level, causing excessive pressure and premature fatigue.

4.Production issues: The peak demand for vacuum and compressed air requires additional machinery. These machines are more economical only when used occasionally, because a machine failure can paralyze the entire work line.

5.High maintenance and power costs: Not only does the maintenance of a series of single pump equipment consume too much time, the independent operation of compressors and vacuum pumps also increase the cost of electricity.

6.Keep the work site tidy, clean, and beautiful.

7.The supply of vacuum source is stable and no waste.

Vacuum unit of working principle:

First set the upper and lower limits of the vacuum system (for example, the upper limit is set to -0.08MPa, and the lower limit is set to -0.06MPa). After starting the system, one of the vacuum pumps starts to work. Until the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank is higher than the upper limit -0.08Pa, the vacuum pump automatically stops running, and the vacuum in the vacuum tank is automatically cut off by the vacuum check valve. If the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank falls below the lower limit due to work requirements -0.06MPa, another vacuum pump will start automatically until the vacuum in the vacuum tank reaches the upper limit for more than a certain time, and when a single vacuum pump cannot pump the vacuum in the tank above the lower limit, the other vacuum pump will start automatically until Exceeds the upper limit.

Vacuum unit of performance characteristics:

After the device is started for the first time, the entire operation process can be fully automated. During its work, the vacuum degree in the vacuum system always fluctuates up and down within its allowable range, and its fluctuation range can be adjusted according to user requirements.

The device automatically controls the system under unmanned operation, and can automatically close the vacuum system in the event of a power failure. At the same time, the control box can protect the vacuum pump motor from overload and short circuit, and query the operation record of each pump.

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