Stainless Steel Screw Pump

Stainless steel screw pump of introduction

Stainless steel screw pump is a kind of derived based on the archimedean screw displacement pump, it relies on the screw shaft (the rotor) and the rubber sleeve (stator) mesh each other, when the power end by universal joint drive rotor rotated around the center of the stator, rotor and stator is continuous mesh form the vacuum chamber, the vacuum chamber for uniform axial movement, the medium from inlet to outlet, suction vacuum cavity medium flows through the stator without stirring and destruction. Zhongcheng pump g-type stainless steel single-screw pump has strong adaptability to medium, steady flow and basically no pulsation of pressure.

Stainless Steel Screw Pump

EVP pump industry on the domestic and foreign excellent stainless steel screw pump products for detailed analysis and research, the stainless steel single screw pump product innovation. At present, the technical structure of stainless steel screw pump products is more reasonable, the screw pitch is shortened and the volume is reduced.

Stainless steel screw pump flow rate

Stainless steel screw pump flow, the main domestic and foreign manufacturers are mostly single screw pump nominal diameter or specified speed flow. For example, for stainless steel single screw pump with standard lead, since e≈0.18 ~ 0.2d and T≈4.8D ~ 5D, eDTq4=≈4D, it can be seen that diameter is a parameter of flow rate.

The working pressure of stainless steel single screw pump is divided into six levels, from small to large corresponding to the pressure of 0.6mpa, 1.2mpa, 1.8mpa, 2.4mpa, 3.0mpa and 3.6mpa. The normal pressure for each stage (one lead of the stator) of the stainless steel progressing cavity pump is 0.6mpa.

For the rotating shaft, leakage is absolute, but must be controlled within the permitted range, stainless steel single screw pump standard JB/ t8644-2007 specified leakage amount, and centrifugal pump allowed leakage standard is consistent, and stipulated that there must be a recovery device type drainage outlet pipe interface, to ensure that the pump room site is clean.

Stainless steel screw pump bearing temperature rise

Stainless steel screw pump bearing temperature rise according to the environment temperature + working temperature rise. Stainless steel screw pump environment temperature is set at 45℃, plus 35℃ working temperature rise, absolute temperature rise of 80℃ and general mechanical equipment requirements are exactly the same.

Corrosion resistance of materials and parts

Due to the high corrosion resistance requirements of stainless steel dosing pump and desulfurization pump, in order to meet the requirements of practical application, it is stipulated that the stator and rotor materials of stainless steel single screw pump should be selected with the corresponding corrosion resistance materials. Stainless steel single screw pump for sludge delivery. Stainless steel screw pump to transfer sludge, mainly requires wear-resistant stator, generally wear-resistant rubber, the rotor with Cr12 alloy tool steel, after quenching treatment, hardness can be close to HRC60, with the right speed, the stator life can be up to 1 year, the rotor life can be up to 2 years.

The shortest stainless steel screw pump on the market.

Three rotor materials and seven stator materials are available for a wide range of industrial applications

Multiple standard flange connections
Explosion proof and ATEX certification
Packing seal, single end face or double end face mechanical seal are available
Multifunctional structure
Packaged structure
Cost effective solutions include single corrugated mechanical seals (self-positioning)
The design is shorter and lighter than previous models
Direct coupling and bearing frame structure
The shaft sealing part design is more reasonable
Rubber isolation sleeve: protects drive and bearings

Stainless steel screw pump advantages

Save a space

It’s 42 percent shorter and 57 percent lighter
Its revolutionary design combines the traditional advantages of high performance and high reliability of screw pump with highly modular and eco-friendly design. Small installation space is required to help reduce costs and facilitate integration.

Ecological design

10% reduction in power consumption
Compared to most screw pumps on the market, the pump is lighter (using fewer raw materials) and consumes 10% less power. The energy used to manufacture, transport and run the pumps is optimized.

Easy and quick to remove

Maintenance time savings of 23% compared to competitor models, using fewer components. This new stainless steel pump features multiple design features, making it easier to install, operate and maintain than ever before.

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