Vacuum system in jam transportation industry

In the food jam transportation industry, the vacuum system for the equipment is mainly used to transport the raw materials or finished products of the food jam. The vacuum system has the characteristics of compact structure, less floor space, simple operation and maintenance, and less noise. It has been widely used in the vacuum packaging of all kinds of food, the vacuum suction molding of rubber and plastic industry, the paper transportation of printing industry, the raw material transportation of food jam transportation industry, the vacuum impregnation leak proof of all kinds of castings, the vacuum fixture, the vacuum drying, the vacuum filtration, the vacuum power test and the vacuum suction of the hospital operating room, etc. within the vacuum range that this type of pump can reach All kinds of vacuum treatment.

With the improvement of consumption level of Chinese residents, China’s food jam industry is gradually upgrading to a younger, higher-end and healthy industry. The food jam transportation equipment plays an important role in the food jam transportation industry. Today, we will introduce the application of vacuum system in jam transportation industry.

The technological process of jam processing is as follows: Fruit disinfection → transportation → cutting flowers → fruit washing → beating → precooking → vacuum concentration → canning → sterilization → finished product.

Vacuum system in jam transportation industry

During processing, the selected fruit is manually removed from the calyx, transported to the flower cutting machine through the vacuum system, cleaned, washed, boiled and softened in the precool machine, and then sent to the beating machine. The processed slurry flows out through the sieve hole and is sent to the vacuum concentration pot. The appropriate amount of sugar is added according to the amount of fruit slurry, and steam is used for concentration. When the solid content reaches more than 68%, it is canned and sealed and killed The finished jam was made by bacteria treatment. The main equipment and requirements are as follows:

(1) Fruit beater. To break the soft fruit into pulp and separate the pulp and dregs, there are two kinds of beaters, one is the horizontal beater, the other is the horizontal beater.

(2) Spiral continuous precooking machine. This is the key equipment for fruit processing. The raw materials fall into the screen cylinder from the hopper. There is a screw propeller in the center of the screen cylinder, which moves forward under the screw thrust. The screen cylinder is immersed in hot water, and the fruit is heated to soften. After pre cooking, it is discharged out of the machine by the discharge chute.

(3) Jam concentration equipment. After beating, the pulp is added with sugar, heated, and part of the water is removed, so that the solid content is more than 66%, and the sugar content is not less than 57%, which is the jam product. There are two types of concentration equipment: atmospheric type and vacuum type. The atmospheric pressure concentration equipment adopts the mezzanine pot device, and the vacuum type concentration adopts the vacuum system concentration device.

(4) Double piston quantitative loader. It is used for the quantitative canning of jam. It is required that the quantity is accurate, the size is adjustable and the loading effect is good.

(5) Autoclave. It is used for sterilization of cans and bottles.

The application of vacuum system in jam transportation industry, we clearly understand that the vacuum system is used for vacuum transportation because of its simple structure, easy maintenance, small energy consumption and low use cost. At the same time, the vacuum system is mainly used in food, beverage, fruit processing, filling, cans, cleaning, PET bottle blowing, hardware parts production. In a large number of applications in industrial production, it is widely used in the industrial production transmission line, and becomes an essential transportation equipment for mechanical equipment transportation.

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