Piston vacuum pumps

Piston vacuum pumps is currently widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronics coating and other industries in various industries, today we mainly learn about the maintenance and maintenance methods of piston vacuum pump, hope to be useful to you!

Piston vacuum pumps

Piston vacuum pumps what are the intact standards ?

1. The machine is neat, the parts are complete and the quality meets the requirements.

2. Vacuum meters, ammeters and other instruments are complete, sensitive and accurate, and have regular inspection marks.

3. The foundation is stable and reliable. The connection between the anchor bolt and each part of the bolt is tightly and neatly, and the exposure length of the screw thread meets the requirements.

4. Reasonable installation of pipelines, valves, etc., with clear markings and meeting the requirements.

5. The installation clearance of each spare part shall meet the stipulated requirements.

Piston vacuum pumps what are the requirements for the operation performance?

1. The lubrication of the equipment is good and the oil quality meets the requirements.

2. The equipment runs smoothly without noise. Its vibration and noise should not exceed the relevant regulations.

3. The parameters of temperature, pressure, flow rate and current should be accorded with when the equipment is running under load.

Piston vacuum pumps what are the intact standards for technical data ?

1. The equipment files are complete and the data are accurate and reliable.

2. Accurate record of equipment overhaul and acceptance.

3. The equipment resume card is complete.

4. The accident record of the equipment is complete.

5. Complete record of equipment operation.

6. Complete operation and maintenance procedures.

7. Complete drawings of vulnerable parts of equipment.

8. General or structural drawings of equipment.

What are the requirements of piston vacuum pump equipment and environment?

1. The pump body is clean with no dust and grease on its surface.

2. There is no water, waste liquid and other debris on and around the base surface.

3. No leakage shall be allowed at valves and fittings joints, etc.

4. Leakage of packing seal does not exceed the stipulation.

How to do the daily maintenance of piston vacuum pump?

1. The environment around the equipment should be kept clean, dry and well ventilated. Check whether the cooling water is unblocked.

2. Check whether the lubricating oil of each lubricating part meets the requirements.

Every shift must inspect the fastening bolts of each part. No loosening should occur. Always check whether the liquid level in the vacuum tank is normal and effective, and make necessary tightening. Always check whether the reading of the vacuum meter and ammeter is normal. Observe the abnormal sound or vibration of the equipment at any time, and report the status of the relevant departments when necessary.

3. Operators must operate in strict accordance with the Operating Regulations, and the problems found in the inspection tour must be handled in time.

What is the cause of motor overload of piston vacuum pump? What are the treatment methods?

1. The reasons are as follows:

(1) The clearance of eccentric ring is too small.

(2) Connecting rod bush burned down.

(3) Blocked exhaust.

2. The treatment method is as follows:

(1) Adjusting the clearance of eccentric ring.

(2) Repair or replace the connecting rod bush.

(3) Check the dredging exhaust valve.

What is the reason for the impact noise in the operation of piston vacuum pump? What are the treatment methods?

1. The reasons are as follows:

(1) The piston rod nut is loose.

(2) Wear of connecting rod lining and cross pin.

(3) The clearance between the bearing bush of the connecting rod ring is too large.

(4) Eccentric wear.

(5) There are sundries in the cylinder.

2. The treatment method is as follows:

(1) Fastening piston rod nuts.

(2) Repair and replace connecting rod bushing and crosshead.

(3) Re-lapping or replacing the connecting rod bearing bush.

(4) Adjusting gaskets.

(5) Clean up the debris in the cylinder.

Under what circumstances does the piston vacuum pump stop urgently?

Parking should be stopped immediately if one of the following circumstances occurs

1. Abnormal vibration and sound.

2. When the current of the ammeter exceeds the rated value and remains unchanged.

3. When liquid material enters the pump body or is in danger of entering the pump body.

4. When the cooling water is cut off.

What is the content of minor repair of piston vacuum pump?

1. Check and tighten bolts.

2. Clean up dirt in cylinder water jacket and valve chamber.

3. Inspection and replacement of piston rod packing, gas stem packing, valve discs and springs, and adjustment of valve position.

4. Adjust the clearance between eccentric ring and eccentric wheel, connecting rod bush and crank neck.

5. Check the piston, fasten the nut and adjust the clearance of the front and back dead points of the piston.

What is the content of repairing piston vacuum pump?

1. Including minor repairs.

2. Inspection, repair and replacement of crosshead pins and connecting rod bushes.

3. Inspection and replacement of valve tie rod, neck bushing, neck pin and valve seat.

4. Inspection and replacement of piston rings and rods.

5. Measure and adjust the clearance of each part.

6. Overhaul the motor.

What is the content of overhaul of piston vacuum pump?

1. Including mid-term training

2. Dismantling and checking, measuring the wear of cylinder, repairing or replacing.

3. Repair or replace eccentric wheel and eccentric ring.

4. Repair or replace crankshaft and connecting rod.

5. Check, repair or replace the crosshead, piston and piston rod.

What are the quality standards for cylinder overhaul of piston vacuum pump?

Cylindricity and cylindricity of cylinder are measured. Cylindricity and cylindricity of boring cylinder or replacing cylinder should meet the requirements according to its wear degree.

There are no cracks, sand holes, scars, grooves and other defects on the inner surface of cylinder.

After boring, the diameter of cylinder should not be increased more than 2% of the original size, and the wall should not be thinned more than 1/12 of the original wall thickness.

No cracks or leakage are allowed in cylinder water jacket.

What are the inspection standards for crankshaft of piston vacuum pump?

1. Measure the wear degree of crankshaft main journal and crankshaft neck, determine the repair or replacement, the main journal can be repaired by metal brush plating or spraying.

2. The wear values of the main journal and crankshaft journal shall conform to Table 15.

3. The maximum reduction of crankshaft journal shall not exceed the original diameter of the 3-wire.

4. The scratch area of crankshaft main journal and crankshaft neck shall not be greater than 2% of the area of crankshaft neck, and the groove depth is up to. Grinding repair should be done at 10mm.

5. The crankshaft should be replaced when cracks are found by nondestructive testing or magnifying glass inspection.

6. The parallelism of crankshaft axis to crankshaft reference axis is 0.20-0.30 mm.

7. The straightness of crankshaft is 0.05 mm.

What are the standards for repairing bearing bushes of piston vacuum pumps?

Bearing alloys should be well and firmly adhered to the shell, and there should be no cracks, pore, delamination and other defects.

The contact area between bearing bush back and bearing seat shall not be less than 40%-50%, and gaskets shall not be placed between them.

Bearing Bush and journal should be in point-like uniform contact, the contact angle should be 60%-90%, the contact point per square centimeter should be no less than 2-3 points.

The radial clearance between Bush and journal should be one thousandth of Journal diameter.

What are the inspection standards for piston and piston ring of piston vacuum pump?

1. The surface of piston and piston ring should be smooth and free of cracks, sand holes, scars and other defects.

2. Installation clearance between piston and cylinder and relative allowable wear value.

3. The piston ring should have enough elasticity, and the total length of the contact surface with the cylinder wall is not less than 60% of the circumference.

4. The piston rings are in the ring groove, and their counterparts should be staggered by 1200.

5. Counterpart clearance of piston ring in cylinder, side clearance in ring groove and maximum wear value.

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