Vacuum pump of automobile brake system

Vacuum pump technology of vacuum assisted brake system. Gasoline engine can produce high vacuum pressure in intake manifold, while diesel engine and gasoline direct injection engine need to install vacuum pump to provide vacuum source, to meet the requirements of vacuum assisted braking system.

Because the electric vehicle has no engine as the vacuum source, the brake booster device adopts the design of electric vacuum pump to provide the vacuum source. This design is also reflected in many fuel vehicles. According to the driving mode, the vacuum pump can be divided into two types, one is electric and the other is mechanical vacuum pump, which is driven by engine. It is common in turbocharged engine and diesel engine.

Electronic vacuum pump, electric drive, common in turbocharged engines and EV Models. Vacuum pump includes water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating pump, slide valve vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, diffusion pump, etc. rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in automobiles.

The main types of vacuum pumps used in brake booster vacuum system in automobile field are as follows: single vane vacuum pump, plunger vacuum pump and multi vane vacuum pump, among which single vane vacuum pump and multi vane vacuum pump are mostly used. The main driving modes of the three vacuum pumps are as follows:

The single vane vacuum pump is generally driven by engine camshaft.

Generally, the driving form of plunger vacuum pump is cam driving.

The driving form of multi blade vacuum pump is generally belt, generator, gear and motor.


The technical features of vacuum pump which provides vacuum source for vacuum booster system are as follows:

1. As the driving source of the vacuum pump is from the camshaft of the engine, the dynamic analysis of the connecting contact and the executive parts shall be carried out, and the dynamic analysis shall be carried out according to the vibration spectrum and input torque of the camshaft of the engine provided by the customer to ensure its reliability under the dynamic load.

2. Through the dynamic analysis of the vacuum pump, the loading value of the contact point of the engine camshaft and the vacuum pump connector can be obtained, so as to carry out the static analysis and fatigue analysis of the connecting parts and the executive parts of the vacuum pump according to the loading input data of the contact point to ensure its reliability.

3. The profile of vacuum pump cavity has great influence on acceleration and deceleration of blade, friction between blade and profile, power consumption, NVH vibration and noise. Therefore, the contour design of the cavity is very important. Through the optimization software of vacuum pump contour design, we can obtain the only one excellent contour.

Through the optimization design, the unique contour parameters of vacuum pump can optimize the following performance: make acceleration transition more smooth; reduce the consumption of engine power; reduce vibration and noise; reduce the wear between parts; extend the service life of vacuum pump.

4. In the main application types of vacuum pump, single vane vacuum pump is widely used, because single vane vacuum pump has its irreplaceable advantages: Based on high cost and efficiency design; low engine power consumption, which is of great significance for energy conservation; more effective vacuum performance, higher durability, lower lubricating oil flow and weight within the applicable temperature range Light weight and less parts, lower vibration and noise.

5. Comparison between single chip vacuum pump and multi chip vacuum pump

Single blade vacuum pump and multi blade vacuum pump have their own technical characteristics. Single blade vacuum pump is mainly used in the low speed range, while multi blade vacuum pump is mainly used in the high speed range.

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