Newly designed anti-corrosion liquid ring vacuum pump

The new corrosion – resistant liquid ring vacuum pump has excellent anti – corrosion and anti – explosion performance

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a temperature vacuum pump, suitable for pumping gas containing liquid, in the suction of corrosive or explosive gas, is often the first choice of designers. However, the original liquid ring vacuum pump produced by cast iron or carbon steel is not corrosion-resistant and cannot guarantee the vacuum degree of the equipment stably for a long time: the service life is short and the overall operation cost borne by users is high. Due to frequent maintenance and replacement of vacuum pump, continuous production is inconvenient. In order to solve the problem of corrosion resistance of liquid ring vacuum pumps, stainless steel pumps, ceramic pumps and composite lining pumps have been published, these pumps in corrosion resistance compared with traditional vacuum pumps have some improvement, but there are still a variety of shortcomings. Stainless steel pump corrosion resistance range is small, high cost; Ceramic pump toughness poor, easy to damage, replacement trouble; Composite corrosion resistant lining pump because of the use of different materials composite structure, the material expansion coefficient is different, easy to appear lining cracks, uplift, fall off and other problems.

Newly designed anti-corrosion liquid ring vacuum pump

1. The corrosion resistant liquid ring vacuum pump with phenolic glass fiber reinforced plastics (commonly known as glass reinforced plastics) hot-pressed can completely solve the above problems. It can be seen that the corrosion resistance of phenolic FRP is much better than that of stainless steel, cast iron and carbon steel. Therefore, the liquid ring vacuum pump produced by phenolic glass reinforced plastics has obvious advantages in the suction of all kinds of corrosive gases.

2. Mechanical properties of phenolic FRP
Embalming liquid ring vacuum pump is a mechanical product, so in the design, that is, to consider its corrosion resistance, but also consider its mechanical properties, it can be seen that the main mechanical properties of phenolic FRP can fully meet the strength requirements of water ring vacuum pump flow parts. The material has good machining performance and the vacuum pump parts produced by the material are of stable size. Therefore, phenolic glass fiber reinforced plastic is used instead of metal material to make the flow parts of liquid ring vacuum pump, which is in line with the “isogenerational design” in the design requirements.

3, phenolic FRP corrosion resistance water ring pump vacuum pump characteristics
3.1 phenolic FRP is light in weight (relative density is 1.85), so the pump impeller made by it is well balanced, with low running noise, and is not easy to cause the torsion of the pump shaft. Low starting and running current, save 20% or more on average. Because of the corrosion resistance of phenolic FRP liquid ring vacuum pump corrosion resistance to ensure that the pump is not easy to scale, so it is conducive to the application of product color and quality improvement.
3.2 the excellent corrosion resistance of phenolic FRP means that the material is inactive and non-polluting, so the vacuum pump produced with this material is particularly suitable for the production of products requiring a high degree of cleanliness.
3.3 liquid ring vacuum pump working water can be recycled, greatly saving water, to achieve pollution-free emissions.
3.4. The gas compression of the corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump is carried out under isothermal conditions, so it is not easy to be dangerous when pressing or pumping inflammable and explosive gas. So the pump is more widely used.

4, with phenolic glass reinforced plastic pressure molding corrosion resistance liquid ring vacuum pump, some manufacturers have begun to use, the pump in addition to the corrosion resistance effect is obvious, and has environmental protection, non-flammable, non-explosive and other characteristics, its energy-saving effect is also very significant, the maintenance amount is small, is worth vigorously promoting the use of vacuum equipment.

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