Alibaba liquid ring vacuum pump

Our company sells liquid ring vacuum pump on Alibaba. Liquid ring vacuum pump is the ideal equipment for suction of wet mixed gas and micro droplet gas. The whole engineering system solution includes instrument, control device, pipeline and valve, self circulation system and working fluid recycling system.

Liquid ring vacuum pump features

The suction pressure can be as low as 4 Torr (5.3 mbar). The vacuum pump has standard material configuration, all cast iron material or stainless steel material options, usually water cooling system, air cooling system for selection.

Liquid ring vacuum pump system operation flow

The sealed vacuum pump is to supply satisfactory sealed cooling water for the vacuum pump. Under normal conditions, the water volume is 200L / min, and the temperature is 10 ~ 30 ℃. The circulation process is: sealed vacuum pump → sealed water cooler → vacuum pump → gas water separator → sealed vacuum pump.

The water storage capacity of the gas water separator and the whole system is 2m3. The water replenishment and consumption in the normal operation of the unit are less.

In the suction system of the vacuum unit, there are two suction ports for air extraction. When the vacuum pump is just started, the air in the vacuum system of the condenser enters the vacuum pump through the bypass of the air extractor, and then enters the steam water separator together with the operation water. When the negative pressure at the inlet of the vacuum pump reaches 13.3kpa, the air extractor is actually started and put into operation. At this moment, the bypass valve of the air extractor is actively closed (as shown in Figure 3). Under normal conditions, when the air extractor operates for 30 minutes, the negative pressure in the vacuum system of the condenser can reach the required vacuum value.

The air leakage measuring system is set up in the vacuum pump set, by which the air leakage into the vacuum system can be measured at any time safely and conveniently. The method is to change the status of the active air converter of the eductor at the driving air inlet from the air flow direction to the direction of the eductor, that is to say, the air in the eductor is used as the driving air source of the eductor, and the exhaust valve on the upper part of the air-water separator is closed, so that the real air system of the whole unit forms a closed system. At this moment, all the leakage air flow measuring equipment is opened In this process, the vacuum pump group is always in normal operation, and the whole vacuum system of the unit is not affected. When the air leakage measuring equipment is 5kg / h, the corresponding vacuum tightness is 26.66pa; when the air leakage is 25kg / h, the corresponding vacuum tightness is 133.3pa. Therefore, each experiment only needs the air leakage less than 25kg / h, it can be qualified for the condenser vacuum system tightness experiment.

In addition, the ejector heater is also set in the system. When the temperature of the vacuum pump area is lower than 10 ℃, it is necessary to put the heater into operation to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

Alibaba liquid ring vacuum pump

Alibaba liquid ring vacuum pump

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