Vacuum pump in paper industry of application

In the paper industry, vacuum pumps can be used in many aspects.EVP vacuum pump manufacturers and everyone to learn about the vacuum pump can be used in the paper industry.

Vacuum pump in paper industry of application

Vacuum filtration is a process application involved in the paper industry, so vacuum pumps are always used.Specific parts include: used to remove the pulp of certain chemicals in the coarse pulp washing machine, used for water recycling lime in the process of clarification of lime mud filter, used to filter and extract particles compounds in green liquor precipitate filter (through the concentrated black liquor is dissolved in the water or dissolved in a dilute detergent after formation), used to improve raw material concentration of vacuum dewatering machine.The vacuum filter involved in this process is usually a horizontal rotary drum vacuum filter.

Then it is black liquid of vacuum evaporation. Black liquor is the waste water produced in the process of papermaking&pulping. Because waste water contains xylogen, it is dark brown, so it is called black liquid. The pulp mill is equipped with black liquor evaporator, which can concentrate the black liquor produced in the pulp cleaning process through vacuum evaporation, so as to facilitate the recycling of chemicals recovered from the recovery furnace.

A degassing system for raw materials and white water (waste water from the papermaking section, named white because it contains fine fibers and other pulp-added substances). The raw materials and white water degassing system is used for the feedstock stage, where the air in the raw materials and the air in the diluted water are removed before the raw materials enters the mixing tank (slurry tank) and passes through the vacuum system. If the air is not excluded, the paper will appear pinholes, which will affect the printing quality and mechanical properties of the paper.

Vacuum pump in paper industry

Vacuum pump in mixing tank. The compressor/vacuum pump in the air cushion mixer is used to generate pressure/vacuum above the feed level of the mixer, to control the static pressure head of the mixer, and to maximize the discharge rate of raw materials.

The suction box and vacuum pump matching with the drum. The suction box is a static device used to dehydrate the pulp in the forming part of a paper machine. The suction box is equipped with a vacuum tank with a separator between the two machines. Vacuum pumps create a vacuum in a vacuum tank, which makes dehydration more efficient. The overroll is the last vacuum point in the forming section, and some moisture is removed by vacuum force. When the paper enters from the roll, the dryness of the paper will affect the dehydration performance of the press part and the steam consumption of the dry part.

Vacuum pressing. When the wet paper leaves the press section and enters, vacuum or non-vacuum rolls are used to extrude water from the paper, and a vacuum pump can be used during the paper extraction process.

liquid ring vacuum pump

In the paper making process, all of these links may involve vacuum pumps. Of course, because industry knowledge is limited and may be incomplete. If you have better ideas, please feel free to discuss.

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