Vacuum pump aerospace industry

Screw vacuum pump in aviation industry application

The experiment content of the main simulation device and its requirements for vacuum degree are very important in the aerospace industry. Generally speaking, it is difficult for ordinary people to touch, so it seems more mysterious. Vacuum pump manufacturers come to popularize the application knowledge of high vacuum technology related to aerospace. The application in the aviation industry is mainly to simulate the space environment. The aerospace activities are basically carried out in the natural vacuum, not only affected by the vacuum environment, but also by various solar radiation, charged particles, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to simulate similar space vacuum environment and carry out various tests.

With the rapid development of space exploration, human beings have put forward higher requirements for space technology. Space environment simulator is the main equipment to ensure the safe work of spacecraft in the process of launch, operation and return. The vacuum environment is an important part of space environment simulator in the ground simulation.

Vacuum technology and space technology are closely related to the main link of space environment simulation, because launch vehicles, artificial satellites, manned spacecraft, space stations, space probes, space shuttles and other space vehicles, in the process of space flight, are carried out in the natural vacuum of the universe.

Therefore, they are not only directly affected by the space vacuum environment, but also by solar radiation, various charged particles and temperature. These factors will cause the change or damage of material properties; the failure of instrument sensitivity, which will destroy the work of these aircraft, and even cause the casualties of astronauts. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a space simulation experimental device on the ground to simulate the space environment. Because it’s only through ground simulation before all kinds of aircrafts go to the sky. Only by mastering the working conditions and characteristics of spacecraft in space and eliminating all kinds of hidden dangers in flight, can the safety of spacecraft and astronauts be ensured. In order to meet these requirements, there are many kinds of simulation devices on the ground.

Because of the advantages of clean and oil-free, high pumping speed, small vibration and low noise, screw vacuum pump has become the first choice of large-scale space simulation vacuum system. In addition, in order to improve the pumping speed and limit vacuum of the vacuum unit and correspondingly reduce the size of the screw pump, it is generally a two-stage unit composed of a Roots pump and a screw vacuum pump in series or a three-stage unit composed of two roots pumps and a screw vacuum pump in series. In order to prevent particle impurities from entering the pump, inlet filters are equipped at the inlet of the vacuum unit, with an accuracy of 50 μ M.

As for the application in the aviation industry, if you want to have a deeper understanding, it will take a longer time. Due to the change of vacuum technology over time and the efforts of researchers, I believe that in the near future, vacuum pumps can be applied to places that cannot be applied at present, and always adhere to the belief that China’s professional technology can lead the vacuum pump industry to a higher place.

Vacuum pump aerospace industry

Vacuum pump aerospace industry

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