vortex vacuum pump

The vortex vacuum pump can work in the range of atmospheric pressure to 10-2 Pa. In the pump air passage (such as pump chamber), it can not use any oil and liquid, and the exhaust port is connected with the atmosphere. The pump that can continuously exhaust into the atmosphere is called dry vacuum pump.

vortex vacuum pump features:

1. No oil pump, no pollution to vacuum system

2. Sealing design of vortex vacuum pump with independent motor and bearing

3. The volume of the vortex vacuum pump is small: 351x181x140 mm

4. The vortex vacuum pump has lower limit pressure than the old diaphragm dry pump (diaphragm pump).

5. No mechanical components that may cause disastrous system failures

6. Low noise, low vibration

vortex vacuum pump performance:

1. Low fever of pump body under working condition

2. Motor power less than 200 W, low power consumption

3. Effective noise reduction with built-in exhaust valve

4. The outlet position can be moved in order to better adapt to space requirements.

5. High pumping speed in high pressure zone to ensure rapid entry into vacuum state

6. Light weight, with handle, easy to carry

7. Built-in fault protection isolation valve ensures the safety of vacuum system

8. Equipped with automatic air ballast valve to effectively empty water vapor

9. Maintenance is simple, just change the sealing ring regularly.

vortex vacuum pump

vortex vacuum pump technical characteristics:

1. Unique Structural Design

2. It has the function of cleaning bearings to protect bearings from being polluted by process gas or dust.

3. High reliability

4. With automatic gas stabilization

vortex vacuum pump working principle:

The scroll end of the vortex vacuum pump is connected with the plane or with several involute spiral discs. The static scroll disk and the scroll disk of the scroll disk group are combined with the scroll disk. The two-way fixed scroll disk of the two-stage scroll oil vacuum pump is located between the two scroll discs. The volume of the static scroll phase is broken. The crescent vacuum chamber makes the gas suction, exhaust outlet exhaust and exhaust. Cycle.

vortex vacuum pump application:

1. Semiconductor industry – thin film preparation equipment, semiconductor device packaging equipment;

2. Vacuum metallurgy industry – vacuum furnace, nanomaterials preparation equipment, vacuum detection equipment;

3. Science and Instrument Industry – Synchrotron Radiation Beam Line, Electron Microscope, Analytical Testing Instrument;

4. Medical equipment – dental instruments, dialysis machines;

5. Products industry – material purification, drug preparation;

6. Packaging industry – packaging equipment for food, medicine and products.


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