Difference between 2be vacuum pump and ordinary pump

Vacuum pump is a kind of common and commonly used pump in many pump products. It is a kind of device which can improve, generate and maintain vacuum by mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical methods in a closed space. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

The 2be vacuum pump is used in many industries, and each type of industry is different. Compared with the ordinary pump, the 2be vacuum pump has many differences, so let’s understand the following differences:


1. 2be vacuum pump relies on a rotating wheel, the wheel rotates in a chamber, and the chamber is filled with fluid. The periodic change of the volume of the fluid in a circle results in the periodic change of the volume of the rest of the cavities. The main feature of the pump is to discharge and inhale the gas in the suction pipe, and the main feature is to form a vacuum.

2. The basic situation of ordinary water pump, in which the centrifugal pump is to throw out the fluid by centrifugal force, while forming a negative pressure to attract other fluid into the pump body continuously, thus continuously, by consuming the electric energy of the motor to drive the pump wheel to convert into the kinetic energy and potential energy of the fluid.

3. We can also see screw pump, piston pump, diaphragm pump, plunger pump, etc. at ordinary times. They can’t form vacuum state, but they also have their unique operation mode, so there is no need to replace them in the place where 2be vacuum pump is used.

Each vacuum pump has its own use. Different types of vacuum pumps can solve different problems we encounter. Therefore, we need to understand the differences of vacuum pumps to better help us analyze where the pumps are suitable. The above is a introduction to 2be vacuum pumps. I hope it can help you. If you have any problems, please consult.

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