Vacuum coating system

Vacuum system application scope

Vacuum system is widely used in many industries, such as: optical lens adsorption cutting, fiberglass vacuum pouring, mold vacuumizing, CNC engraving and milling machine, high gloss machine matching, mobile phone display screen adsorption processing, watch and mobile phone hardware adsorption processing, woodworking industry vacuum coating, SMT Mounter integration system, CNC hardware processing adsorption, epoxy resin injection molding, electronics, food Packaging, vacuum packaging of cosmetics, etc.

Vacuum coating system

Main features: the design structure of the movable vacuum unit and vacuum system is novel and convenient. The bottom is equipped with universal pulley, which can be moved to any place at any time according to the needs of customers. Only one person is needed.

Vacuum obtaining part of vacuum system of coating machine

In vacuum technology, the vacuum obtaining part is an important part. The vacuum can not be obtained by a vacuum equipment and method. Several pumps must be used together, such as mechanical pump, roots pump, molecular pump system, etc.

1. Mechanical pump
It starts from the atmosphere. The exhaust effect of the mechanical pump is also related to the rotation speed of the motor and the tightness of the belt. When the belt of the motor is loose and the rotation speed of the motor is very slow, the exhaust effect of the mechanical pump will also be poor. Therefore, regular maintenance and spot inspection are required. The sealing effect of the mechanical pump oil also needs frequent spot inspection. There is too little oil to achieve the sealing effect. Air and oil will leak in the pump Too much, the suction hole is blocked, unable to suction and exhaust, generally, 0.5cm below the oil level line.

2. Booster pump:
It is a mechanical pump with a pair of double blade or multi blade rotors rotating synchronously and at high speed. Because its working principle is the same as that of Roots blower, it can also be called roots vacuum pump. This pump has a large pumping speed in the pressure range of 100-1 PA, which makes up for the shortage of mechanical pump’s exhaust capacity in this range. This pump can not work from the atmosphere or directly discharge Out of the atmosphere, its function is only to increase the pressure difference between the air inlet and the exhaust port, the rest needs mechanical pump to complete, therefore, it must be equipped with mechanical pump as the front pump.

3. Oil diffusion pump
The range of applied pressure is 10-1pa-10-7pa. It uses the gas diffusion phenomenon to exhaust. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, large pumping speed (up to 10 + 5L / s). The oil diffusion pump is mainly composed of pump shell, nozzle, guide pipe and heater, in which the diffusion pump oil (Japanese model is d-704 × 3) is mainly added. According to the number of nozzles, it can be divided into single-stage pump and multi-stage pump.

When the oil of the diffusion pump is heated by the electric furnace, the generated oil steam provides the pre pressure, and the mechanical pump acts as the pre pump. When the diffusion pump oil is heated by the electric furnace, the generated oil vapor is ejected down the guide pipe through the umbrella nozzle. Because there is a vacuum of 1-10-1 PA provided by a mechanical pump outside the nozzle, the oil vapor can be ejected for a certain distance to form a jet moving towards the air outlet. Finally, the jet meets the pump wall cooled by cooling water, condenses into liquid, and flows back to the evaporator. That is to say, the extraction is realized by the evaporation – injection – condensation of oil and repeated circulation.

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