Roots pump for pumping helium

Helium, either alone or in combination with roots pumps, is an ideal solution to achieve the parameters required for industrial applications.

The roots pump has two counter rotating rotors, which operate synchronously without contact and are all in one shell. The rotors are installed and configured in a figure of eight and have a small gap to separate them. The rotor shaft has 4 to 6 pairs of rotors. The rotor cavities are separated from each other by stator disks containing gas holes. The passing gas is extracted from the air inlet and then from the exhaust.

With respect to the shaft, one is driven by an electric motor and the other is synchronized with the timing gear in the gearbox. Lubricate the gearbox and sealed high and low pressure bearings only. The shaft seal closes the bearing from the suction chamber.

There is no friction in the suction chamber, so the roots pump can run at extremely high speeds, even up to 6000 rpm. In addition, the rotor mass is symmetrically distributed around the axis.

This makes the pump have perfect dynamic balance, even at very high speed can also achieve very low operation.

What are the operating conditions of roots pump?

Carefully check the fastening part and connecting part of the equipment and the surrounding environment, and clean them. The gearbox and other lubricating points shall be fully lubricated as required. Turn the rotor by hand, turn it for 2 / 3 of a turn before inching the motor for trial rotation, and at the same time check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct. Before the roots pump is put into operation, clean water shall be injected, and the valve shall be opened to start. The bearing temperature shall be checked after startup. Generally, the rolling bearing temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. After normal rotation, the normal temperature can be 30 ~ 40 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature.

Roots pump for pumping helium

Roots pump for pumping helium

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