Dry screw vacuum pumps overview

The dry screw vacuum pump uses a unique screw rotor profile, with a power saving of 30%, low exhaust temperature and stable process. The dry screw pump is suitable for vacuum processes in various fields, and also maintains the best vacuum efficiency and durability.

Screw vacuum pump improvement of pipe efficiency

When the material enters the screw vacuum pump from the suction port, it needs to pass through the friction of the pipeline and other external factors, which causes the pipeline efficiency to fluctuate from high to low. At this time, the pipeline can be adjusted through the characteristics of the pump, so that it does not need to produce additional losses, but also saves energy.

1. Shorten the pipeline length of screw vacuum pump
The length of the inlet and outlet pipes should be reduced to the maximum. However, when the terrain between the water source and the pool is flat, shortening the pipeline will inevitably increase the number of diversion channels into the pool and the pump house. If the small pump station is installed on the plane, or the pump is installed on the half well, and the pipeline is set in a straight line, the length of the pipeline in the pump room can be shortened, the elbow can be saved, and the head damage can be reduced. Improving the flatness of the inner wall of the pipeline can reduce the resistance loss of the pipeline.

2. Reasonable determination of pipe diameter of screw vacuum pump
The diameter of the pipeline affects the efficiency of the screw vacuum pump. It has been proved that it is uneconomical for the pipe diameter to be too large or too small. When the pipe length and fluid are determined, the pipe diameter should be selected as large, the flow rate is small, the head loss is small, but the pipeline investment is high; in order to reduce the pipeline loss, the pipe diameter should be determined reasonably. If the pipe diameter is too small, the loss of pipe head will increase. In order to improve the efficiency of the pipeline, it can be considered to replace the pipeline according to the economic pipe diameter.

3. Reduce pipeline accessories
Part of the resistance index in the pipeline notes is quite large, resulting in a large hydraulic gradient. Therefore, unnecessary internal pipe accessories should be minimized. The pipeline shall be sealed strictly, otherwise the vacuum degree will be affected. When the pipeline of screw vacuum pump changes, the construction quality of connection shall be ensured.

Dry screw vacuum pumps overview

Dry screw vacuum pumps overview

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