Water ring vacuum pump industry application

With the development of coal mine, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and paper industry, the requirement of water ring vacuum pump is becoming larger and larger. Before 2000, only 3-4 enterprises were able to produce water-ring vacuum pumps with pumping capacity of more than 100 m3/min in China, and the annual output of the whole country was only a few dozen. After only three years, there were more than 10 large pump manufacturers in China that could produce more than 100 m3/min by 2003. According to incomplete statistics, the output of large pumps in China reached more than several hundred. These products are mainly used in:

Water ring vacuum pump industry application

Water ring vacuum pump of coal mining industry

As the state has strengthened the safety requirements for coal mines, it has become a necessary safety requirement for coal mines to use water-ring vacuum pumps, especially large water-ring vacuum pumps to extract gas. For example, a number of super-large water-ring vacuum pumps ordered by a Mining Bureau in Shaanxi Province last year with a pumping capacity of 400 m3/min are used to extract gas. In some large coal mines, 7-8 large pumps are used for more than 100 m3/min. With the further strengthening of national safety work, large and super large water ring vacuum pumps will be more and more widely used in coal mine system. In addition, due to the rapid increase in coal production, the vacuum filters used in coal washing and coal preparation are also developing towards large-scale. In the 1980s, SZ-4 water ring vacuum pump with a pumping capacity of 27 m3/min was mostly used, which was also larger at that time. In recent years, large-scale water-ring vacuum pumps with pumping capacity of 80-150 m3/min have been selected for coal mine filters, some of which reach more than 200 m3/min, and the air volume continues to increase.

Water ring vacuum pump of chemical industry

1.Water ring vacuum pump in chlor alkali industry

In recent years, China has launched a number of large-scale capital construction and technological renovation projects. The real children of these projects need a lot of PVC materials, especially the prosperity of real estate, which further promotes the development of the PVC industry. According to the statistics of the chlor-alkali industry, China produced 4.1 million tons of PVC last year and imported 200 tons of PVC. Tons.

According to the industry’s forecast, the national demand in 2005 will reach 8 million tons, and in 2010 will reach 15 million tons. It is precisely because of the rapid increase in demand that the enterprises of chlor-alkali industry in China will be revamped and expanded, and many new enterprises will be built in the past one or two years. For the development of chlor-alkali enterprises, water-shaanxi vacuum pump and water-ring compressor J must be matched to extract and compress acetylene and hydrogen. In the past, the maximum of water-ring vacuum pump and water-ring compressor was not more than 30 m3/min. Now, enterprises producing 100,000 tons of caustic soda and 100,000 tons of polyvinyl chloride annually need water-ring vacuum pump and water-ring compressor up to 70 m3/min.

In particular, the vacuum technology network believes that the development of this industry has promoted and accelerated the development and production of high I power water ring compressors.

For a long time, when the suction pressure is 1 atmospheric pressure or slightly lower than the sonar pressure, the exclusion pressure is 0.1 MPa, that is, the compression ratio is 2. Some enterprises have produced water-ring compressors with exclusion pressure up to 25 MPaG, and only 1-2 specifications. In order to adapt to the production of polyvinyl chloride, 91 Former State Council Office of Major Equipment put forward the research and development of water-ring compressor for vinyl chloride recovery in the development of equipment for the major technical equipment project of the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” – the equipment for the production of 4 tons of low-degree-of-polymerization polyvinyl chloride unit per year. The water-ring compressor for vinyl chloride recovery requires that the water-ring compressor for vinyl chloride When the inlet pressure is atmospheric or slightly negative, the exhaust pressure should reach 0.55-0.6 MPaG, and the exhaust volume should reach 700 m3/min.

As one of its key equipment, water-ring vacuum pump has been popularized and applied in recent years under the situation of the national large-scale PVC project, completely replacing the imported water-ring compressor.

2.Water ring vacuum pump in fertilizer industry

The chemical fertilizer industry, especially the production of phosphate fertilizer, is also a key supporting industry in China’s macro-economic regulation and control. Because the technological transformation of new projects and old enterprises are all above the level and scale, large and super-large water ring vacuum pumps have also been applied here. For example, a phosphorus fertilizer enterprise in Yunnan has increased its air pumping capacity by 30 in a single transformation. Three super large water ring pumps of 0 m3/min.

In addition, there are many phosphate fertilizer enterprises that require a large pumping capacity when the pressure is 80-100 hPa. Therefore, two-stage water-ring vacuum pump and two-stage water-ring vacuum pump with atmospheric ejector have unique advantages when they are used in this condition. Many fertilizer enterprises have eliminated large vibration noise and higher vacuum. High reciprocating vacuum pumps are replaced by two-stage water-ring vacuum pumps, and good results have been achieved. It can be said that two-stage water-ring vacuum pumps will be more and more widely used in this industry.

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