dry scroll vacuum pump maintenance

The dry scroll vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical vacuum pump, which can operate without any oil lubrication. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and no environmental pollution. The dry scroll vacuum pump is a kind of durable vacuum pump. It is a dual-purpose vacuum pump for vacuumizing, compressing and obtaining vacuum. It is the basic equipment for obtaining vacuum and has a wide range of uses. Compared with the oil pump, the dry vortex vacuum pump has the advantages of low vacuum, small volume, convenient installation, simple maintenance, convenient movement, no oil smoke, no environmental pollution and so on.

This is one of the most common equipment in the laboratory. Therefore, when purchasing the dry scroll vacuum pump, the vacuum degree is required to be a certain workpiece requirement. If the required vacuum degree is high, and the selected vacuum degree is higher than the required vacuum degree, or the required vacuum degree cannot be met, the working requirements cannot be met. Second, the pumping speed of the dry vortex vacuum pump is slightly higher than the required pumping speed to better meet the demand.

Finally, according to the corrosiveness of the gas and whether the corrosive gas will corrode the pump, special materials must be used to meet the needs. The working principle of the pump is the same as that of the general positive displacement pump. It consists of stator, rotor, rotor, cylinder, motor and other main components. When the rotor rotates at high speed, four radial sliding rotors in the rotor slot divide the pump chamber into four chambers.

Maintenance and repair of dry scroll vacuum pump : clean the outside of the shell. When the power supply is cut off, please clean the dust and dirt on the outside of the shell with a dry soft cloth, and clean it at least once a month. It is very important to clean the intake muffler filter and the muffler filter cotton. It directly affects the life of vacuum pump flow. Clean at least once a month. Please unscrew the muffler, remove the end cover of the muffler, take out the filter cotton of the muffler, wash it with clean water, dry it, and then install it for use. If cleaning is not possible, replace the filter cotton.


dry scroll vacuum pump operation method:

1. It should have sufficient and outstanding ventilation conditions and an ambient temperature below 40 ° C.

2. Clean place for dust-free Egyptian dirt.

3. Water, oil and other liquids will land on the pump.

4, not directly exposed to the sun.

5. There is enough surrounding space to facilitate the inspection, protection and installation of the pump.

6. The pump must be installed on a flat surface.

7. It is best to place the pump on a solid foundation similar to concrete. If there is no condition, you can install the pump on a steel or wooden frame.

8. It is necessary to ensure that the pump does not cause a sensation due to the weak foundation.

9. The pipeline connecting with the pump should not be too long and smaller than the pump inlet diameter, which will affect the pumping speed. Also pay attention to check whether the vacuum connecting pipeline is leaking.

10. When connecting the wires, pay attention to the regular wiring request on the motor nameplate. The three-phase electric pump should pay attention to the direction of rotation of the motor and the direction of the arrow on the pump.

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